At the Tribeca TV Festival the new pilot “Shrimp” test screening, Zelda Williams discussed the show’s inspiration, the importance of consent, and what her father would think of her project. (September 24)

Zelda Williams is protecting the legacy of her father Robin Williams.

The actress, 31, took to Twitter Monday to lash out at Eric Trump after President Donald Trump’s son shared a video of her late father, who passed away almost six years ago on November 11. August 2014.

On Thursday, Eric Trump replayed a 2009 clip of Robin Williams mocking then-Vice President Joe Biden, who is now the supposedly Democratic presidential candidate to run against Trump in election year 2020.

“We still have great comedies out there. There’s always Joe Biden chattering,” Robin said in the 30-second clip, excerpted from his 2009 special “Weapons of Self Destruction”. “Joe is like your uncle is taking a new drug and not on the right dose.”

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The day before her father’s six-year death anniversary, Zelda Williams punished Eric Trump for using the star’s old clips to “continue your political agenda”.

“While we are ‘reminiscing’ (to continue your political program) you should look up what he said about your dad,” Zelda Williams tweeted. “I did. Promise you, it’s even more ‘barbaric.'”

During a stand-up in 2012, Robin Williams called Donald Trump “the scary man” while teasing his hair (“I believe the hair is ‘the Donald'”); His inappropriate remarks about his daughter Ivanka Trump (“Here’s a man who said ‘my daughter is hot.’ Even people in Arkansas have said” that’s … wrong ” ); and Trump’s previous ownership of Miss Universe beauty contests (“Isn’t that the same as Michael Vick owns a bunch of pet stores?”)

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Williams ended her Twitter message by encouraging her father’s fans to fulfill their civic duties: “Please gently remind the dead that the dead cannot vote, but the living can.”

In July, Williams celebrated her father’s 69th birthday. (Robin Williams took her own life at the age of 63).

“In honor of him (& that glorious number), I will donate $ 69.69 to as many local homeless shelters as possible,” she tweeted on May 21. 7. “Please join me if you like, but regardless, I know that I expect you to stay at least a refreshing laugh in Dad’s immature belly today.”

The comedian’s three children – Williams, 31, and son Zak, 37, and Cody, 28 – continue to retain memories of their father. In 2019, Cody got married on Robin Williams’ 68th birthday, and Zak named his first child McLaurin Clement Williams (McLaurin is the actor’s middle name).

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