Google’s completely redesigned Nest Thermostat is now available for purchase at retailers, getting rid of the pre-order status at the Google Store when the sale opens in other stores. It’s minimal, attractive, and pretty cheap at just $ 130, so the risk is pretty low if you want to pick one up before we publish your full review.

This new model is $ 40 cheaper than previously the cheapest Nest Thermostat E and $ 120 lower than the 3rd generation Nest, achieved by cutting a few corners like the rotation, reducing support for the sensor Nest temperature, switch to the AAA internal battery, and make the fitting trim set optional. It will work in 90% of homes, even without C cord, but if you have a complicated setup you may have to use the more expensive 3rd generation model.

While Google says this product cannot completely replace any of the existing models, it is now the only budget option for the end consumer – Nest Thermostat E is currently exclusively for installers profession. For more details, stay tuned to our upcoming review, or you can purchase one of these new Nest models yourself at the retailers below, without waiting to pre-order.