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Xiaomi launches $ 60 8K streaming box in China

Xiaomi has announced the Mi Box 4S Pro, a streaming box capable of 8K video playback. The product was revealed on Weibo and is available to order in China for 399 yuan, or about $ 60.

The box has 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, and supports HDMI 2.1. It comes with a Bluetooth remote for voice control. It’s not clear exactly what services will have 8K content available, or if there are other ways to view your own 8K files on the device.

The Mi Box 4S Pro runs Xiaomi’s own MIUI software for TVs. A company representative said Android agency that there are currently no shared plans for global release, although Google̵

7;s new Chromecast is a great option in the US for $ 49.99. (Of course there is no 8K support.)

Xiaomi quickly created the only Android TV streaming player that Google sells in the US, the Mi Box of 2016. The company went on with the Mi Box S in 2018, sold through Walmart, although it currently out of stock.

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