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Xbox boss in physics of PlayStation 5 design

When designing the look and feel of a video game console, engineers must take into account a number of important factors. Chief among these is heat, and it looks like it’s an even bigger issue for the upcoming generation of consoles: Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has talked about the point. That was in an Animal Talking interview with Gary Whitta yesterday.

During that discussion, Whitta asked Spencer (all inside Animal Crossing, Nintendo’s famous game) about his thoughts on the PS5’s outward appearance. Spencer pointed out that he seems sympathetic to Sony engineers because he understands the difficulties of working with hardware in the PlayStation 5. Both Microsoft and Sony are using AMD components in the console. their next generation.


7;s hard because I know the physics we’re both dealing with when it comes to these consoles,” Spencer told Whita. “And the cooling of these consoles – the power, the use of energy – poses real challenges for this generation. We are talking about consoles – with CPUs and GPUs – being really powerful computers, effectively. “

Spencer’s view is that both systems may have to work in reverse to deal with strong heat output. He said that is the clear case when it comes to Xbox Series X.

“We chose our design because we wanted a large fan that could spin a little slower so that it doesn’t make any noise,” said Spencer. “We wanted a very quiet dashboard, so the noise was what we focused on. So we built a functional design that sucked in a lot of air with a large fan that spins a bit slower so we don’t get the pitch-like whine sounds that the machine sometimes controls. can create. “

PlayStation 5 can cope with more heat

Sony has also shown that it is interested in producing a quiet panel. That could be a bigger challenge for the PlayStation 5 as Sony and AMD have increased the clock speeds on the GPUs. While the Xbox Series X has 52 computer units running at 1,825 GHz, the PS5 will have 36 CUs that can spin up to 2.23 GHz. That’s incredibly fast for the GPU, and it’s likely that this will make the processor heat more.

Spencer acknowledged this.

“So knowing that the PlayStation 5 is running at a higher clock speed, it just makes a lot [heat], “I said. “But that’s not Sony’s problem.”

This is one of the reasons why the PS5 is so huge in size compared to most other consoles. It could also be the reason why the drive is skewed to the side (just like on the Xbox Series X).

Above: PlayStation 5 is a giant for a reason.

Image credit: Reddit users u / GREB07

If the higher clock speed on the PS5 GPU is generating more heat, then the system needs a central space cylinder to push in more fresh air. This is an equally viable solution what Microsoft has done, which is to create a box that can hold a larger fan.

Spencer says he’s a fan of what Sony has come up with.

“I like the design of what they did,” he said. “I have a lot of respect for what the teams do at PlayStation. But they’re running their box differently from ours, and that creates unique design challenges in the way you keep these things cool. It’s both of our problems, so it shouldn’t have been a shock. And they took a different approach than we did. “

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