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WWE is working on a love story between Murphy and 19-year-old Aalyah Mysterio

Last night (October 30) entered SmackDownWWE hosted Rey Mysterio / Seth Rollins’ show where many of us think it’s been underway for over a month now, confirming Rey’s daughter Aalyah and Disciple Murphy’s romance first here for Seth.

There’s a lot going on here, as you would expect with the feud approaching for a sixth month. Murphy gave up on Rollins and wanted to apologize to Rey and his son Dominik. Mysterios doesn’t trust the 32-year-old Aussie because, well, he helped Seth “take” Rey’s eye and beat Dom ruthlessly with his sword ̵

1; among other things. 19-year-old Aalyah believes Murph has changed and says she loves him. They shared a kiss on an old stage in the middle of the ring, rejoicing the Messiah and dismaying the Mystery.

Fans are reacting to this development. On the other hand, this is an impressive feat for a story that most people will get tired of. But on the other hand, when the reaction causes your audience to debate consent laws and sexual issues – it could be a sign you’re venturing into territory where your PG program doesn’t need to. risky.

To be honest, got into the debate a bit when the first signs of this development appeared on Original in September, I am not very interested in going back. Like so many things in our culture today, there doesn’t seem to be any way to change anyone’s mind about it. Even if it’s not illegal, is it unethical for a man in his 30s to have a romantic relationship with a woman in his teens? Are you an adult by the time you reach voting age and have the right to make your own choices and mistakes? Should storytellers like WWE, who didn’t show much interest in nuance, should be trusted to tell a story that at least demanded it?

I have my answer. You certainly have yours. There is a good chance they are not the same.

The proof is this week Talking SmackOne thing that is undeniable in this regard is that WWE wants to get us to ask those questions. Aalyah’s age was regularly nurtured, especially by her father, who also repeatedly called her “innocent”. The possibility of Murphy still allied with Rollins and using Aalyah’s mind, heart, and body to drive Rey & Dominik crazy is still common.

Controversy generates cash, as a former Vince McMahon employee said.

Please let us know your place in this development and the story that continues on Rollins / Mysterio, in the comments below.

Or not. Completely depends on you.

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