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Why did Tom Haberstroh change his mind about Andrew Wiggins’ suitability for the Warriors

He initially questioned the Warriors ‘deal with Andrew Wiggins, but NBC Sports’ Tom Haberstroh is starting to get back.

“I’ll admit that, I don’t see Andrew Wiggins as a very good fit for the other three big boys,” Haberstroh told NBC Sports Bay Area, “basically because I think they need more defense and Andrew Wiggins has not shown a steady defense in his NBA career.He played a little better at Golden State, and certainly as he was surrounded by more talent I think his game was. He’ll rise to the level they need him to play.

“He shot a little better from the city center. He’s not a 3-point shooter yet. His number went up a bit in his Golden State uniform, but really. The best fit is just in the position. They need a triple. “

Wiggins, 25, averaged 1

9.4 points, 4.6 rebounds and 3.6 assists with 45.7 percent shot from the field and 33.9 percent from 3 points in 12 games against the Warriors after being acquired from the Minnesota Timberwolves in early February. In those 12 matches, he registered five blocks in one contest and four steals in another, showing his defensive potential.


Very few of them have appeared with Steph Curry and / or Draymond Green, and none of them have appeared with Klay Thompson. Wiggins should play with all three whenever next season starts. He will be the third or fourth choice when making a mistake, and will be able to capitalize on the best distance he has ever experienced at the professional level.

That is, if he is still in the Warriors.

“Andrew Wiggins, for me, is a solid third-place pick,” Haberstroh continued, “but I think they’ll be interested in what they can get on the commercial market if they get to. # 1 option in general – just to see what they can find in the market to upgrade in the veteran position.Because Andrew Wiggins has made it to the knockout stages, but he is not a guy already is being tested for the championship, and he definitely hasn’t made it to all-star level-level yet.So maybe they could get there with the addition of that # 1 overall pick if they get it. .

“Andrew Wiggins – he’s a top performer, a guy with a lot of sport. But to me he hasn’t made that promise. Maybe he’ll be in Steve’s system.” Kerr. “

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The Warriors will find out exactly where to pick in their first round when the NBA Draft Lottery is held on August 20th. It is guaranteed to be a top five pick, but the more obvious the pick. the higher the value is. .

Golden State in fitness is supposed to present the best situation for Wiggins to fulfill its full potential, but we may never find out.

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