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What Dabo Swinney said after Clemson lost to Notre Dame

The Irish No. 4 Notre Dame Fighting Ireland defeated No. 1 Clemson Tigers Saturday night with a score of 47-40 in double overtime.

Yes, Clemson didn’t have midfielder Trevor Lawrence, but reserve DJ Uiagalelei threw 439 yards and touched the ball twice in the defeat. He also added another rush to the ground.

Notre Dame running back in Kyren Williams burned Clemson’s defense with 140 yards of javelin and three touches of the ball.

After the defeat to Ireland, Clemson’s head coach Dabo Swinney spoke to the media. Here is all he said:

Open comments

“First of all, I want to congratulate Notre Dame Cathedral. Obviously not going our way, but it̵

7;s an instant classic, that’s for sure. Incredible college football game. Both teams show amazing hearts. It is unbelievable to see. In the end, we made too many mistakes and they played more than we did. Congratulations to Notre Dame and Coach Kelly. They did a great job.

“I will say this: I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I know we made a lot of mistakes and needed to improve, but I’ve never been more proud of a team. You couldn’t ask for more. They fought every ounce they had. Overcame a lot. Clearly a big hole has been made. Consecutive sales, scoop and scores. We had some really, really tough vacation with that at the end of the year. Three consecutive games that we scored for them in a foul. We were able to get over that, and not tonight. That’s the difference in the game at recess.

“We are in a hole, but our men were fighting. Leading a few different times and we had a chance to win the game according to rules. And we didn’t finish it. Work part-time, and have the opportunity twice.

“The game didn’t go our way, but I’m proud of our team. My job is to help them get through and my job is to help them get better, and we’ll do it. All you can do is congratulate Notre Dame for doing a great job.

“But at the end of the day, the first half was terrible. Field location. Really made a serious mistake.

“We can’t run the ball. That’s obviously a huge difference in the game.

“We cannot stop their midfielder. We knew that the third down would be crucial, and they won that battle. Struggled with midfield all night. He buys time, buys time, buys time. The plays expand and find some guys and do some big races and scramble.

“We didn’t win the game, but you see what this team is made of. This team is made of the right things. And with coaches, we have to help them. And we will.

“We are a strong team. We have a lot of people out. Hopefully we will have some guys back and well.

“This will hurt for a few days, but we will be back to work on Monday and this will be in the rearview mirror like we usually do. And the State of Florida will be the biggest match of the year. We’ll fight each other and see if we can get back on track with a win and keep hunting for this tournament. “

Questions and Answers The presser section

“Mistakes caught us. It’s a really good team. If we just play a little cleaner, we win the game. But at the end of the day, we have to stay put and get back to work. We are 7-1. No one awarded trophy tonight. Tonight no one is rolling on the stage. We have a way to go. We have a lot of guys who have grown up and learned a lot from this year. It is clearly a challenge for everyone. The only thing we can’t do is 11-0. We can still be 10-1, that’s the best we can be. But you can’t win 10, ‘until you win 8.’

“Again, everyone is sad and we all hurt. But what I see tonight is special. We have all the better things to do, but what I see tonight is really special. We are not an easy person to get out. Notre Dame, you just take your hat off. They earned it. We handle our business, and maybe we will get a chance to play them again. If we handle our business, we may have a chance to play them again. I love my boys and appreciate their efforts and fighting. I wish I could help them a little more tonight, but I can’t fulfill it ”.

“Yeah, it’s pretty bad (the team’s mood in the dressing room). It’s a hurt dressing room. People really don’t know how much goes into it. What these young people put in every week. And this is a group that doesn’t lose much. The last time we lost a regular match during the season was 2017. It was heartbreaking. That’s hurt. You put everything you have into something and it doesn’t go your way, it hurts. They expect to win, never lose any doubts. But again, a lot has to be overcome. ”

“I mean, he’s special (QB DJ Uiagalelei). Are you kidding me? You watch this guy play, he will be great. It was definitely a big challenge for him tonight, but he has taken on some incredible levels. He never wavered, never flinched. Make some big, big throws. Good throw couple. I am very proud of him. He will get better. “

Check out his press conference below:

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