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Washington sets a record for daily coronavirus cases

Michelle Baruchman

Washington set a daily record of new coronavirus infections with 1,469 infections recorded Tuesday, a total of 111,480 cases in the state.

16 new deaths from Tuesday have also been confirmed, bringing the total to 2,416, according to the state Department of Health (DOH). At least 8,735 people have been hospitalized with the virus.

The previous record of new coronavirus confirmed cases was set on July 1

6, when state health officials reported 1,267 new cases, along with six deaths.

This record comes when the United States for the first time topped 100,000 new coronavirus infections in a day.

The state’s DOH said it was difficult to know whether Tuesday’s cases exhibited an acceleration in transmission or just a random variation of the reported cases from day to day.

“Despite that, we continue to be extremely concerned about the growing spread of COVID-19 in our state and are actively discussing additional measures we may need to take. is now for better control of the pandemic in Washington, ”the agency said in a statement.

Officials have encouraged residents in Washington to wear veils, limit social interaction, and those who are feeling ill or have been exposed to COVID-19 should stay home.

Virus experts have expressed concern about the nation’s growing number of infections as we get closer to the winter months, which they think is a key time to halt the spread of the virus.

In King County, the state’s most populous place, DOH confirmed 28,926 diagnoses and 822 deaths. Data as of 11:59 pm on Tuesday.

Pierce County also set a record for the number of cases reported Wednesday, with 214 newly discovered COVID-19 infections and two new deaths. Pierce County’s previous record was set on October 22 with 138 new cases.

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