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Want Spotify to stream on Apple Watch? It’s time for some

Back in September, we saw Spotify finally start testing streaming support for its Apple Watch app, something we’ve seen coming to other third-party services like Pandora. last month. Now, it looks like this feature could finally be rolled out more widely.

As reported by Macerkopf (via Google Translate), many users shared that they’re seeing the feature show up on their wearables (which wasn’t part of the September streaming test for Apple. Watch). An image shows the following message about using options on the Apple Watch (translated from German):

Do you want to stream Spotify on your Apple Watch? Select it here.

As expected, Macerkopf noted that people seeing the streaming option could listen to content while away from their iPhone, eventually making the Spotify Apple Watch app more than just an iPhone remote.

The testers reported that they can use the streaming service̵

7;s Apple Watch app automatically without the need for an iPhone to stream music and podcasts over cellular or WiFi. This greatly enhances the Spotify app. Over the weekend, Spotify appears to have started offering this feature to a larger group of users.

There seems to be a section recently played in addition to access to your library when using streaming on Apple Watch. But one downside is that there doesn’t seem to be a search feature. So when you start to see streaming options, you’ll need to rely on Siri to load specific songs, artists, albums, etc.

Additionally, the most recently played content is available. Unfortunately, there is no separate search function in the app. Siri does this and comes up with the title you’re looking for after a voice command. As usual, you have to give Siri a command to play a certain title, album or genre with Spotify.

Like many changes on Spotify, the update appears to be a server-side update. Have you seen streaming on the Spotify Apple Watch app appear? Let us know in the comments!

via Macerkopf

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