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USC saved its season with a dramatic rally to stun the State of Arizona in its opening match

It all may have ended on Saturday – for that matter it should probably have.

Of course, all hopes drive a spot at College Football’s Playoff Round, but maybe also a win at Pac-12 South.

This could become a zombie season for the USC after a match.

Instead, the Troy team scored two fourth consecutive goals revolving around a replenishing kick in a time of 92 seconds, wiping out 13 missing points in the final minutes of the fourth inning and reverting. into a morning full of mistakes and mistakes. providing a shock – and perhaps a proverbial wake-up call – for a unique season with little or no flaws.

Kedon Slovis defender̵

7;s 21-yard strike against Drake London at 4 and 9 with 1:20 remaining is likely to go down as match of the season for this team and give Trojan a 28th win -27 critical before Arizona State inside the Colosseum.

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Coach Clay Helton said he was up and down the sidelines predicting that outcome for his players in that tense fourth half, but really, who could see this coming?

The USC lost three fumbles (one on the goal line), threw an intercept in the red area, missed two unsuccessful fourth and first half and suffered a few quick defenses. to allow Suns midfielder Jayden Daniels the entire midfield to scramble the transition from third down costly.

And final sales seemed to seal it off as Markese Stepp ran back fumbling Markese Stepp at Arizona State 23 with 6:04 left, ending what was seen as a key possession with the 27- tracking Trojan. 14.

“I tried to stay optimistic. When it was 27-14, I went up and down the sidelines and said, ‘Guys, I’m looking at it right now, you’re going to win this game 28- 27. It will win two points, we’ll have to treat it like a two-minute drive, obey our two-minute driving rules, we’ll get into a hit, get a kick right away and score again, “Helton said afterwards. “And they did it. I think the whole line is still positive, not panicking, always ready and just really playing the football that dominates the situation along the way.”

Well, certainly not all, but at least for those last six minutes.

Marlon Tuipulotu veteran save dragged Daniels down 2 yards in the third and ninth half to force the State of Arizona to take a quick four-turn beat after Stepp’s stumble, and USC continued at its own 20-yard line with 4:28 left.

Almost immediately, the Trojans found themselves facing a fourth and a third, but Kedon Slovis connected with Tyler Vaughns to obtain a 14-yard pickup. Slovis then finds Amon-Ra St. Brown extends 36 meters in the middle. But before long, it was Wednesday and 13th and the Trojan’s hope was back on life.

The USC tried to get the State of Arizona offside, set up a free play, and Slovis put the ball in the backyard for St. John’s. Brown carefully lined up. It deviated from his hand – apparently on purpose – and into the hands of red-shirted freshman Bru McCoy, who was playing his first game with Trojans.

“Really, we made them jump away so at that point, I just wanted to give them one more shot. I knew we’d have one more shot, it doesn’t really matter if they choose it should. I threw it to Amon – Give him a shot and he tipped Bru, – Slovis said.

“We called a freeze play, so we didn’t even have a play called at the time, but they just jumped to the sidelines, so we ran the transitions,” McCoy said. Amon-Ra did a good job of just being aware He realized that it was a free match, since it was a free match, it could also give someone a chance. He turned the ball upside down, just was aware of the situation, and I could do a play. ”

State of Arizona 27, USC 21

With only 2:52 on the clock, the Trojan team dialed the main number with the latest partner Parker Lewis. It defeats an unknown Sun Devil and McCoy once again finds himself in the right place for another big game, recovering the loose ball.

“I have never typed on the sidelines,” McCoy said. They told me on the sidelines that I would be the runner down, “McCoy said. “To be honest, I think I made a mistake. I thought I could hit the ball. I waited until that big one jumped up and went to get it, but it was still low. It was like I fell inside and I was staring at the ball the whole time, and I was able to fall into it. “

That leaves 2:49 for a little more magic when the USC takes over at 45 itself.

Redshirt ‘s senior rerun Vavae Malepeai, who fumbled at the lime line during the first quarter set a disturbing tune to the game while seeing his playing time cut significantly thereafter, have earned some bonuses with 20 and 13 meter backtracks to start the Trojan’s final drive.

But once again the USC will finish fourth and the long leg – with a 5-yard wrong start to push it down to 4th and 9th from ASU 21 – with its season going well.

In a pandemic season that shortens the usual six-game, where it would be a tough climb to make CFP consider more multiplayer-play conferences, all that needs to be done this year is undo the months of prediction and targeting, and any bettor will pin the Trojans for them most of the time on that fourth quarter Saturday.

So with all that at stake, attack coordinator Graham Harrell came to a play that Trojans used regularly on Saturday, but one play rarely provided a good look.

“That game is a game that we run all the time. We ran a lot that way too, and to be honest they dropped a lot of people most of the time. run it and they don’t give us a chance to get those authentic pictures, ”Slovis said.

The Play Call is not exclusive to London, but fittingly as the standout second year ends as the best book as he plunges the ramp. London has been a consistent man for the USC throughout the afternoon and now the game is about to be in his hands – literally.

“To be honest, anyone can beat them in that play. That’s just how they play,” London said.

Slovis dropped quickly and shot down the middle and into the end. There were two defenders against London, but the pitch was perfect – a touch of the ball at 21 yards in the 4th and 9th minutes after everything else happened to make that moment come true.

“A good and catchy pitch as I saw in the fourth game against Drake and 9. Just over a year old, it’s one of the things that you have to pull the trigger – if you hesitate at all it won’t work. it turned into a touch. And Kedon put the ball in it with perfect timing and precision, “Helton said.

London, who finished with the highest eight shots in 125 yards and that TD said: “The back man pushed me away, there was no safety on his head and the rest is history.”

It could be if this season turns out to be anything for the USC, because Trojan shouldn’t be the Saturday anniversary team. Not based on the odds that an astronomical difference exists when it is only 6 minutes or more.

“I told the people in the dressing room, this is one of those games where I don’t care how old I am, I will never forget this match,” Helton said. “I will never forget this team because of all they dealt with in 2020 and the warriors they were and who they were competing for.”

Surprisingly, the USC is currently in the driver’s seat in Pac-12 South with a head-to-head victory over an Arizona team that could be the top challenger in the tournament, depending on what Utah demonstrates. this season.

Incredibly, the Trojans might have left the Colosseum with the impetus to attack despite everything that created those dramatic last minutes.

Ultimately, this isn’t the end of any kind for this team’s 2020 hopes – it could just be the beginning.

The Trojan has a lot of questions to deal with. Public goods worrying, even before starting center-back Brett Neilon limped off the field at the end of the game. Obviously, sales are struggling. The acclaimed passing attack was muted for most of the night, even though Slovis finally ended up with 40-55 in 381 yards, 2 TD and 1 INT. The defense gave 258 the lead, including 111 for Daniels.

But the USC will have a chance to try to fix all of those problems as they haven’t officially taken into account any fees yet.

“Let the chips fall the way they did, have the amount of revenue we have and still be able to produce a W, that says a lot about this team’s character and how we play in the future.” McCoy said.

“A year ago, we might not have won this game,” Helton said.

He hopes a week from now his Trojans aren’t trying to follow a similar scenario, because this is one of a kind – second chance in a season without any form. provide any.

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