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Two officers ‘ambushed’ in New Orleans with bicycle shooters: Police

One of the officers is in serious but stable condition.

According to the New Orleans Police Department, a New Orleans police officer is in serious but stable condition after being shot in the face and a second person slightly injured after being “ambushed”

; by a gunner on Friday, according to the New Orleans Police Department.

The couple was on a routine patrol on a marked SUV around 4:30 pm Friday in the French Quarter when a passenger on a cyclo was hit, officials said.

“This is a dark day for our officers, so I want to ask you to continue praying for our officers,” NOPD Director Shaun Ferguson said during a press conference.

The suspect was quickly arrested by the response staff and transported to the hospital “after a possible medical attack at the time of arrest”. According to the police, the policeman shot in the face is in “serious but stable” condition and “has a quick response”.

Fawkes Fine Art’s Katy Bea said she was in the store at the time of taking pictures and witnessing the incident. “It was terrifying. I knew right away it was a gun and got my husband running into the bathroom after me, ”she told ABC News.

The suspect’s identity has yet to be publicly disclosed at this point.

Authorities said the officer injured by being hit by a bullet in the incident was a four-year veteran of the department, while the officer who was scratched was a 16-year veteran of the department, authorities said. know.

Ferguson and Mayor LaToya Cantrell both met with injured officers at the hospital following the incident.

“A retired veteran with medical experience is working in a nearby store and helping to give our officers medical treatment until other officers arrive on the scene,” said Ferguson. . “We want to thank her, as well as the citizens who helped point out the culprit for the police’s response to the scene.”

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