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Trump’s press conference in New Jersey: Coronavirus is “disappearing”

President Donald Trump held a surprise press conference Friday night at his private golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, speaking to reporters in front of a crowd of cheerleading club members, who gave the event the tone of a miniature campaign rally.

Trump took the opportunity to once again make false claims that Covid-19 is “disappearing”, contradicting his intelligence agency’s findings on foreign meddling in the election. and make misleading and suspicious statements about Washington’s use of an executive order to break the deadlock – while announcing plans to implement an already existing policy.

Before the event began, Trump was caught talking to his members about the press using language to ease expected criticism.

“You will see fake news tonight. You̵

7;ll see what I have to go through, ”Trump said, according to Jim Acosta of CNN. “Who’s there? Oh, all my killers are there, wow. So you’re going to get to meet some of the people we deal with every day.”

During the conference, Trump showed up to play with the crowd in front of him. For example, when a reporter questioned some club members’ decision not to wear masks during the event, Trump deflected by claiming his supporters had no obligation to do so. so they participated in the “peaceful rally”, making them laugh and cheer on the swarm.

In his remarks directly referring to the coronavirus pandemic, Trump repeated an inaccurate statement he made Wednesday, saying “It’s gone, it’s gone.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Trump administration’s leading infectious disease doctor, recently dismissed this claim in an interview with Reuters, calling it “impossible” – and said that while he believed that successful public health measures and vaccines will help the world get Covid-19 under control, “I don’t think we’re going to wipe this out of the planet.”

The number of Americans dying of the coronavirus shows how far the country is to reach that point – and Trump’s continued promise of how the virus will disappear. Covid-19 deaths in the US have risen for the fifth consecutive week this week, according to the Covid Tracking Project. And many public health experts do not expect a vaccine that can prevent the coronavirus threat from being widespread until mid-2021.

In his remarks on Friday, Trump also reiterated a shared view that viral infections were only increasing “because we are doing so much testing.” A July STAT analysis found that in most states the number of cases has increased in recent months “because there are actually more illnesses.” Furthermore, epidemiologists have shown that the increasing number of hospitalizations and deaths is a sign that the spread of Covid-19 has increased rapidly.

Most Americans don’t accept Trump’s logic about the experiment, according to a Pew study conducted between July 27 and August 2. Researchers found that 60 percent of Americans disagree that there are only more cases of Covid-19 as testing has increased. However, the researchers found a marked partisan split on the issue, with 62% of Republicans feeling most trials are leading to more cases, a view where 19% Democrats agree.

Trump also made false and misleading statements about coronavirus elections and bailout

In addition to spreading inaccurate information about the coronavirus, the president also resolves the 2020 presidential election, lowering the threat of foreign interference on his behalf by refuting the election. spread the findings of their own intelligence agencies while viewing voting by mail as dangerous.

When a reporter cites a new assessment by the US intelligence community – suggesting that Russia is using “a series of measures” to undermine the supposed Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and that China is considering working to limit Trump’s chances of re-election – Trump has dismissed that.

While the president initially said that the intelligence in the report was “probably correct”, he immediately turned around, saying, “The last person Russia wants to meet during Donald Trump’s term, because no Who is tougher with Russia than I have ever been ”.

When prompted, “That’s not what intelligence says,” Trump replied, “I don’t care who says what” and went on to argue that policies like his focus on making NATO’s increased contribution to the Western military alliance proved that he was tough on Russia and Moscow would not want him in office.

Trump also viewed voting by mail as “the greatest risk we have” and said he was concerned that foreign interference could happen through mail ballots. But voting experts say there is a consensus that mailed ballots have historically been a reliable and secure way of voting, and there is no evidence that they can be used. to commit mass fraud when they are provided with the right resources.

While the election is still several months away, millions of Americans are immediately concerned about where they will live and how they will pay their bills when federal unemployment insurance and shaft protections Export under the CARES Act has expired.

Democrats and Republicans have failed to reach an agreement on extending those protections after weeks of negotiations, partly hampered by the president’s demands not to be supported by his party, such as cutting payroll taxes in any future stimulus.

To fill the void left by these programs, Trump has promised – on vague terms – to use executive orders to come up with a wide range of measures, including policies to expand on deportation and unemployment benefits. But he avoids questions about how he can circumvent Congress to do so legally.

Notably, the chairman continued to promise to issue an executive order ensuring the insurers “cover all conditions available to all customers”, adding that “this has never been done. show before. ”

This has been misleading on at least two fronts. First, the protections against denial of coverage on the basis of available conditions were signed into law under the Affordable Care Act in the Obama administration and remained law. Second, Trump and the GOP have sought for years – but with no success – to deregulate the Affordable Care Act without introducing an actual alternative plan, which means the president is looking for how to strip people of protection from pre-existing conditions.

Conference ended with a reporter questioning Trump’s claim that the pandemic is disappearing and asking about the wisdom of allowing club members to attend unmasked because of the ongoing pandemic. .

“You said the pandemic is disappearing, but we lost 6,000 Americans this week and just in this room you have dozens of people who are not following New Jersey guidelines,” said one reporter. booing.

“You were wrong about that because it was a political activity,” Trump said. “And it was also a peaceful demonstration.”

At the end of the conference, Trump blamed the country’s crises on a familiar foe: the press itself. “If the press in this country is honest, it’s not corrupt, if it’s not fake, our country will go a lot further, but we’re doing very well.”

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