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Trump mistakenly attacked Democrats amid uncertain election results

Trump issued a new tweet with the typos corrected, but his curator received a warning on Twitter that the information was “disputed” and possibly misleading.

Trump’s social media popped up as Biden was talking to supporters at a driving rally in Wilmington, Del., Right after midnight, urging them to “hold on to” and express confidence that he will win. Biden emphasized that all votes should be checked before the final results are announced, and he warned it could take a while.

On Twitter, Trump said he would make his own statement. “A big win!”

; he wrote.

Trump’s campaign appears to have beaten expectations in some Southeast states and the president appears to have won in Florida. North Carolina is looking for a good president, while the result in Georgia – a credible red state that analysts say looks wobbly for the president in the long run – remains uncertain.

However, Biden’s lead in Arizona opened up additional avenues of victory for the former vice president. The results for the important Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania states of the Midwest are also uncertain.

Trump watched the election back from the White House mansion, joined by Cabinet members, former government officials and family members. Campaign aides took to Twitter to mock Democrats and reporters as he overtook Biden in Florida and Ohio, but also disparaged Fox News for calling Arizona to Biden before any other network. In private, they are poised to challenge the outcome in Pennsylvania, where mail ballots are being counted slowly.

Trump started Tuesday morning with a call to “Fox & Friends” to speak with the friendliest people in the news. Working for a few hours of rest after a day of marathon campaigning on Monday, Trump has a husky voice and a softer tone, lacking the usual level of rhetoric.

Reporters speculated that he was tired after staging 14 rallies in three days, or that he was going out of the campaign’s heights to face the cold, tough reality of the votes. shows that he is always after Biden.

When asked about the reports that he would seek to declare victory early before all mailed votes were checked, Trump declined – he would only do so “when there is a victory. If there is victory. I think we will have victory ”.

“There is no reason to play the game,” added one president, who for months had sought to discredit mass mail voting was rife with fraud. He vowed to send his legal team to revolving states with lawsuits to freeze local electoral councils – a strategy that could lead to a bitter, protracted dispute over results. last for days or weeks.

During the interview, Trump repeated lies about the dangers of mailed ballots, downplayed the threat of new coronaviruses, and insulted Democratic Party leaders. But he also seems, for a few lost moments, almost reflective or contemplative as the clock counts down to determine his political destiny.

“There’s a lot of love in those rallies,” Trump said of the events, drawing tens of thousands of supporters together and avoiding the risks of the pandemic. “They even said, many of them, ‘We love you. We love you. We love you.’ “

As for Trump, the question is whether the love of the MAGA hard-liners will turn into another sadness that comes from behind. The last day of the campaign means the last chance for the president to gather members, make private calls to key allies, and flood his Twitter feed with videos of encouragement supporters vote.

Trump also hosted a White House watch party with campaign sponsors and supporters, the use of the compound for the buffet has drawn criticism from ethics watchdogs. government.

The presidential campaign has responded that a move to the White House is necessary as a planned reception at the Trump International Hotel a few blocks away would violate coronavirus safety regulations of DC local government limits crowd size. The campaign is expected to pay for the party, officials say, up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Detained in the White House, a president who was traversing the states in the final weeks of the campaign was suddenly much more isolated. Workers erected new security fencing to keep the public away from the public and create a wider ring of protection around the complex amid fears of possible instability on election night.

When Biden arrived in Philadelphia to rally supporters with one loudspeaker in a state where both campaigns were seen as important, Trump’s day was ended with a quick motorcycle excursion. the Potomac River arrives at his campaign headquarters in Arlington.

The President – accompanied by White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, press secretary Kayleigh McEnany and senior adviser Jared Kushner, his son-in-law – spoke to aides and greeted employees wearing MAGA masks blue and red, with Make America The Great Again Signals lined their rooms.

“I feel very good. After doing so many rallies, I think the voice will be a bit choked,” Trump said, amusing and sounding more optimistic than he did on Fox News. Design it for so much. “

Trump erupted a mail ballot again and opposed a Supreme Court order allowing votes in Pennsylvania to be counted up to three days after the election. Democrats are voting by mail in significantly higher numbers than Republicans in this electoral cycle, analysts say.

“A lot of weird things, a lot of bad things happen to ballots when you say, ‘Oh, let’s dedicate ourselves day in and day out,’ and suddenly the votes change,” Trump said. “You must have a date [for the election], and the date is November 3rd, and we have a right to know who won on November 3rd. “

Asked if he had prepared remarks, win or lose, Trump said: “I haven’t thought about a speech of concession or acceptance speech. Hopefully we’ll do just one of those two. And, you know, winning is easy. Losing is never easy. Not for me, it’s not. “

Although Biden has maintained a higher poll lead than Hillary Clinton’s advantage over Trump in the final days of the 2016 campaign, Trump and his team have maintained that the real path is leading. to victory remains.

An official who spoke to Trump on Tuesday afternoon said the president had a tone of confidence and believed he would win. But some Republican data analysts said they fear the voter turnout will not be enough to eclipse the early mailing vote.

Campaign officials have been closely monitoring voting in Pennsylvania and Arizona, which they consider most likely to help the president pass 270 electoral college votes and win a second term. Private, officials are optimistic about Trump’s opportunities in several other states – North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Ohio.

Trump told associates he felt confident he would hold Florida, which he won in 2016.

“We believe this will be a tight race. Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stepien told reporters during a conference call earlier in the evening. “We believe we are better prepared for that.”

The president’s political team took an unprecedented step when setting up a campaign room in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, a federal building next to the White House. Tim Murtaugh, spokesman for the campaign, said the campaign is paying for the setup.

“Every device, including WiFi and computers, is paid for by the campaign and no White House employees are involved,” he said. “The agreement has been approved by the White House advisor.”

Stepien reckons Biden’s visit on Tuesday to Philadelphia, where he rallied supporters on the street with a loudspeaker, was a sign of belated despair.

By evening, the president is still served at the White House, where he will probably stay overnight, along with the nation and world tracking the results.

“My last number was 306,” Trump said on “Fox & Friends” of his total electoral college in 2016. (His final total is technically 304 because of the two “electorates”. unbeliever ”refused to vote for him).

“That’s a lot of money,” he said. “And I think we’ll be on top of it.”

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