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Trade suggests Sixers buy Eric Gordon, Danuel House from Rockets

The Philadelphia 76ers are a team looking to recover from a very tough 2019-20 season where they have completely failed to meet their expectations for themselves. The team made big strides in the 2019 season and they lost in Round 1 to the Boston Celtics.

One of those moves during that season was to bring in veteran Al Horford on a four-year deal worth $ 109 million and he turned out not to fit on the list. When he can play in the center, he looks like the player the Sixers were expecting. Most of the time, however, he had to play attacking alongside Joel Embiid and his blatant attacking form was pathetic.

In a new Bleacher Report commercial proposal, they asked Sixers to move Horford and option 21

in this draft 2020 draft to the Houston Rockets for Eric Gordon and Danuel House Jr. This is actually the kind of deal discussed on The Bell Ringer Podcast and it makes sense.

B / R on agreement:

Horford 6’9 “could have a lot more to offer Houston. He can increase the size of the team without destroying its distance or its ability to convert in defense. His contract could be.” leaves Space City feeling nauseous, but at least it’s fully guaranteed for two more seasons and will be attached with a first round pick in a quiet deep draft.

The 76ers will admit their jumbo test isn’t working and pivot from it to address the need to capture and create footage. If Gordon is kind again, he will bring with him a variety of surprise attacks, snipers and defenses. House’s three-and-D game is subtle, but Philly doesn’t need a flash along with its stars.

Gordon had a slump year in 2019-20 when he shot just 31.7% from depth in 8.4 attempts, but he is a guy who would be a much better fit on this list. He’s a man in a career that shoots 37.0% from depth and he’s an underrated perimeter defender. If he can come back, he will be a good opportunity for Philadelphia. House Jr shot 36.3% deep and he showed great detecting from depth.

As for why Houston wants to buy Horford, they obviously need some current scale. They tried to play basketball less centered and it worked to some extent as they forced the Los Angeles Lakers to play their style in the semifinals, but they still needed a guy who could. Hold the ball in a low position and around the basket. Horford can do a lot of good things for the Rockets and bring them a huge amount against Anthony Davis and others in the West.

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