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Timeline of the drama after Paramore’s breakup

2010 December – Paramore announces that the Farro brothers are leaving the band

More than a year after releasing the album in 2009 Brand new eyesParamore shared in a deleted blog post on their official website that founding members Josh and Zac Farro are leaving the band.

While fans were shocked by the news, the remaining three members Hayley Williams, Jeremy Davis and Taylor York admitted that they weren’t. “None of us were really shocked. Over the past year, it seems they didn’t want to stay here anymore,” the statement wrote. “We want Josh and Zac to do something that makes them happy and if it is not here for us, we assist them in finding happiness elsewhere.”


“We have never thought of leaving any of these behind. We really hope that you can be encouraged by the fact that the three of us are still here ready to step in together. another chapter in our journey “. “You are always what keeps us going, so why do we stop now? We want to stick with you. Knowing that we have a unified passion and a clear vision that makes us feel. See stronger than ever. “

December 2010: Josh Farro’s jab into his former bandmate

Just days after Paramore’s official announcement, Josh countered with a harsh statement, which was deleted from his blog. After noting that Williams had issued a statement to leave “without my permission”, he went on to call Paramore “a product produced by a major label” and accused Williams of being controlled. Her manipulation, and her band colleagues simply “horseback riding to see flowers about ‘Hayley’s dream.’ “

“Hayley’s manager will ask the band to be in the hotel lobby at a certain hour, but he and Hayley won’t show up for hours. We found out that they were meeting with the executive. the label all morning without us. It’s completely strange that this is not simply a solo artist, but we are a band, “he wrote.

“The band has been in darkness the whole time,” he continued. “After many meetings between Hayley, her manager and the labels, they decided to put her on Atlantic Records. We don’t understand why Hayley was the only one signing the contract because we were told this was’. band ‘, but we too are young to grasp all of this. … The next thing we know, we are hosting a contracting party for Hayley.’

He also claimed that her parents had control over her, noting, “Hayley’s father … would constantly threaten to ‘pull the strings’ of the band if we complained about anything, suggesting. that we were hired guns and that Hayley was the real artist, when in fact we were part of the band too. We were always seen as less important than Hayley. he accepts everything. “

Farro confirmed the rumors he and Williams were dating, claiming that after the split, “things started going downhill for the band.”

January 2011: Paramore “isn’t going anywhere”

In an interview with MTV, Williams, York and Davis said they were “hurt” by Josh’s blog post. “The three of us are still here – we’re not going anywhere,” said Williams, who also revealed earlier that guitarist Justin York and drummer Josh Freese will be joining the band on their South American tour. Upcoming. “Many kids are still asking if the band will disband, and that just shows how the online media relationship can be broken, when rumors start to spread. This is how we show that there is a future and we are caught for it. “

“That was a drag. … Once we made our statement, we all knew they might be releasing something,” said York in the blog post. “So I think we’re all mentally prepared … It’s really hard to read, just because it seems a lot of content is pretty irrelevant to what happened. I think that’s it. weird thing, “as it just doesn’t seem really necessary. “

February 2011: Josh forms his own band

Farro formed the American Novel group with singer Van Beasley, drummer Tyler Ward and bassist Ryan Clark, and just a few months after leaving Paramote, was planning to record a debut EP.

“I think ’emancipation’ is a great description of how I’ve felt for the past month,” he said at the time. “Coming from Paramore, I didn’t think I wanted to be in a band or wanted to have anything to do with it, and so when I truly re-found my passion and love for music, I said, ‘Well, that’s great.’ “

December 2015: Jeremy Davis leaves the band

Paramore released their album of the same name in 2013, and everything has been great for several years, filled with ocean tours and cruises. However, in 2015, the band’s official Facebook page shared that Davis’s departure was “really painful”, although they didn’t give much details. “We are hoping for Paramore’s future and we are also excited about what Jeremy will do next,” the statement wrote, promising that the band would not disband.

February 2016 – Davis files a lawsuit against his former bandmates

The bassist claims he is a partner of Varoom Whoa, the Williams-owned entity that runs the band’s business. However, Paramore argued that Davis was actually an employee of the band and therefore had no access to revenue streams from sales, touring and merchandise.

February 2017 – Zac Farro joins the band

Some good news! After the news spread that Zac hit the drum on their fifth album After laughter, Paramore announced that he is back as a full member. Paramore updated its official website to feature a T-shirt featuring youth Zac Farro, with the headline “I’m Back.” The people on Paramore’s mailing list received an email titled “Zac’s Back”.

“I read this once about Tolkien and CS Lewis – when one of them died, their whole group of friends changed completely because one of them left, the part of each person that person brought out. they died as well, “Williams later said in an interview with Billboards. “When Zac left the band, I lost part of Taylor; I lost part of me. We got over it, found joy and hope to write music, because life went on. But [Zac] said it all the time when he came back: ‘This is not just happening; You don’t always have a second chance like this. ‘No,’ I need to go back to this band. ‘ That’s really what he said in the Q&A: ‘I’m back with my family.’ “

May 2017 – Paramore and Davis resolve a legal dispute

Before a show that opens Paramore’s hometown tour in Nashville on Thursday, the band’s attorney said Tennessean that “everything was settled and settled”, although the terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

October 2020 – Hayley speaks

“There’s a reason why there are only 3 people left in @paramore,” she tweeted on Wednesday (October 28). “Unexpectedly, hateful enemies, that’s not my cause. Furthermore, I don’t accept the religious / political dogmatic beliefs that cause LGBTQ +’s friends, fans and family. we feel abandoned and hopeless. “

“and you know, if that doesn’t work for you, then feel free to go where all the past sophomore members have gone, literally anywhere else. except for the LGBTQ + family of sophomore (and @ColormeBrian I’m talking to you directly) you are full of love and you are loved, ”she concluded.

While she didn’t call anyone specifically, fans assumed she was referring to guitarist Josh Farro. Users in the comments unearthed an alleged Facebook comment in which Farro compared homosexuality to pedophilia.

October 2020 – Zac separates from Josh’s 2010 blog post, showing support for the LGBTQ + community

Zac joined the chat. After Hayley’s tweet, the drummer tweeted a note titled “Our lgbtq + fan letter,” his first post in over two months. “I want to say that I love and support you all and always support you, and [sic] most of all, stand by you. I do not tolerate any act of lovelessness and support your community, “the note wrote.

“When my brother and I left Paramore in 2010, there was a post about a band that I wasn’t completely interested in. My name included in that post was yes, but I was not briefed on the entire content of that message, “he continued. “I openly talk about this now not only as Paramore’s founding drummer, but also back in 2016. I say I have my own voice and my voice is the voice of the department. Music and our fans, not verbally including me in actions I disagree. “

“We all have our own voice and each one has a strength within us,” he concluded. “Use this power for love and peace, not separation and exclusivity.”

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