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Tim Benz: Governor Wolf’s latest high school sports quotes are even more absurd and objectionable than last week

Last week, Governor Tom Wolf issued an unexpected recommendation that academic sports will be postponed until at least January 1.

The PIAA did not know that such statement would be made. Wolf provides no background on how his office came to that decision. And he gave no explanation for the logic behind the timeline.

Furthermore, last week the PIAA board of directors decided to proceed with the scheduled fall sports competition.

Equally exciting are Wolf̵

7;s follow-up comments on Thursday in York. The Governor made his suggestion while admitting that he has yet to read the response from the PIAA.

TribLIVE’s Chris Harlan joined me in Friday’s “Breakfast with Benz” podcast. He said that letter was given to the governor earlier this week.

Not only did Wolf not read it, he said it wasn’t worth his time.

“I’m not sure what they could say would make me change my sense of what I believe is the right thing,” Wolf said.

Ironically, a few minutes later, Wolf describes himself as an “open minded” person.

Equally hilarious is Wolf’s attempt to remove the importance of work from his offer.

“I realized I was just one person,” Wolf said. “Maybe I’m governor, but I’m an opinion man.”

Governor That is an important part of that sentence, you know?

Stop playing games, Governor. This is “I only have one man!” The tool is a farce. And you know it. You are the head of this state. You don’t post on Facebook. You don’t have to be “Tom from York County” to call up a chat show. Your “suggestion” is more important than most.

By the way, you’re not “just one person.” Your health and education department has supported you. So you are a person who has two major government agencies supporting your policy.

So sorry. Not “policy”. I know it is just An offer. ”

Wolf often played the same semantic game. He catches himself before he says anything like “policy” or “statement” or “decree.” He will parse between the “proposal” and the “directive”.

Because the “proposal” makes it informal, like he’s not the one to make the decision. Like he could pass responsibilities on to individual school boards, PIAA or conferences across the state.

Please! Who is this guy kidding? How many school councils will actually accept self-liability when acting in direct opposition to the governors and the health and education departments.

Parents of the first backup player who didn’t have time to play in high school football team “X” and the contract coronavirus will bring that school board (and school district) to court so quickly, lawyers won’t be able to Line up fast enough to say, “Irresponsible! Irresponsible! They’ve got a state offer! They ignored it and played by all means!

Sure. It is only a recommendation. However, it can also be a bill signed into law.

And it could also be a cancellation notice for high school sports this fall. Even though Wolf was pretending he wasn’t.

“I also recommended this summer that the Pennsylvanians avoid going to Jersey Shore. I’m sorry, that’s my recommendation. You do what you want, and the school districts will do what they want, ”Wolf shrugged.

No, Governor. They won’t do what they want. They will do what prevents them from being presumed to be exposed to the law.

And the Jersey Shore analogy is so dumb that I can barely muster feedback. I am just saying that anyone who has been to Jersey Shore will not sue themselves if they are infected with coronavirus.

The coup of Wolf’s speech is an absurd justification for why cross-country is such an example of a risky fall sport in a competition.

First of all, no one prioritizes sport over education. Questions revolve around trying to figure out how they coexist in situations. We have enough practical arguments without Wolf making a straw man.

Second, psst! Governor, you can play without your fans. Remember?!?

So, although the cross-border meetings of York high schools were, apparently, well attended as the finishers at the New York City Marathon, the governor didn’t need to worry.

If Wolf wants to talk about whether high school football, soccer or basketball is safe enough to play, let’s debate that. But dig in his heels across the country? It’s just a guy interested in being right rather than meaningful.

Cost and ability to test. The cost and ability to continually clean the facilities. There can be no social distance in the school environment. I grasp Wolf’s interest.

Even though I wanted to watch academic football and other children’s sports, I wasn’t sure if it could.

But I know it was a sincere conversation. Something doesn’t seem to care “Tom from York County.”

• • •

You can listen to my full podcast with Harlan here.

Tim Benz is a writer of Tribune-Review. You can contact Tim at tbenz@triblive.com or via Twitter. All tweets can be reposted. All emails may be published unless specified otherwise.

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