Big car does not worry me. I grew up with them. My father, an engineer, drove pickups repeatedly through fields and forests to develop agricultural and construction equipment. My mother, 5 feet tall, 4 inches tall, was decades ahead of the auto industry trend, driving a Suburban – always calling it her car, never a “truck” – for the vision only its emblem for the road.

Michigan State University’s School of Journalism asked me to be my driver to visit the editors around campus because I wasn’t afraid to drive the 15-passenger Econoline van in a parking lot.

So believe me when I say the Chevrolet Tahoe 2021 is huge.

Large enough to maintain a social distance from the front to a comfortable new third row – more than 6 feet away, by a meter of tape stretching from nose to nose.

The Tahoe 2021 is 6.7 inches longer than the old model, but the size is the tip of the iceberg. Most of the new SUV’s innovations are under the surface, including an independent rear suspension that improves ride and, more importantly, turns the third row from an auto ticket box into a premium seat. My guest will not be left blank even after we measure it.

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The Tahoe – and its even bigger brother, the Suburban – dominate the full-size SUV market, accounting for nearly 50 percent of the sales of the lucrative segment. Add GMC Yukon coming soon, and General Motors dominates the segment with about 70%.

It’s also great, claiming to be the big SUV to beat.

Tahoe 2021 is currently coming to dealers.

Drive impressions

I spent a day driving the 2021 Tahoe High Country full-load four-wheeler on highways, city and country roads. The independent rear suspension provides a remarkably smooth ride. The well-tuned steering system makes the large SUV easy to maneuver.

My flagship model has adaptive air suspension and 22-inch alloy wheels. It gobbles up the gearboxes like a burger and is very quiet at highway speeds.

It’s easy to hold conversations, even with third-row passengers pretending to be in a limo. The second row of comfortable captain seats creates nice legroom when folded flat, casually. They also slide fore and aft and head to reach the rear seats. Electric circuit board and adjustable ride height contribute to easy in and out.

The base engine is a 355 hp 5.3L V8, but my car has the 420 hp 6.2L option. I’ve got a lot of power to accelerate and fly.

A smooth, quick 10-speed automatic is standard. Tahoe uses the new gear knob built into the dashboard at the driver’s 2 o’clock position. Pull switches control commands to help you navigate – reverse and drive – while you press the buttons to park and park. It is a composition that will likely become second nature in the next few days. A control switch below the controls that allows you to move up and down to get around the car, hill, etc.

At 14 mpg in the city, 19 on the highway and 16 combined, the estimated EPA fuel economy for my 6.2L 4WD High Country follows its direct competitor, the Ford Expedition with dynamic. The 375-hp twin-turbocharged V6 is less powerful. GM recommends using premium gasoline for power and fuel economy according to the spec sheet, while Ford’s EcoBoost V6 makes its numbers with the less expensive conventional.

The maximum towing capacity of the Tahoe is 8,400 pounds. My 4WD 6.2L has a rating of 8,100. Those ratings use the SAE standard, but I didn’t get a chance to pull in during my testing.

Safety features available

  • Automatic front and rear brakes
  • Warning collision
  • Warning for pedestrians
  • Lane change warning and assist
  • Blind spot warnings and traffic crossovers
  • Parking assistance
  • Automatic high beams
  • Safety warning driver seat

How much?

Prices for the Tahoe start at $ 49,000 for the rear-wheel drive 5.3L model. Adding 4WD raises the tab to $ 52,000.

Chevy built a variety of models: Six trim levels, three-engine and rear- or four-wheel drive. I tested one end of the High Country line. That model starts at $ 69,600 for the RWD, $ 72,600 for the 4WD.

I tested a top of the 4WD High Country series. It costs $ 80,550.

The Tahoe price compares favorably with the Ford Expedition, its sole serious competitor.

All prices do not include destination charges.

My vehicle features include:

  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Touch screen / video rear seats double
  • Bose 10-speaker audio
  • The display screen
  • 10.2 inch touch screen
  • guide
  • Voice recognition and Bluetooth
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Android Auto
  • Wireless charging
  • CarPlay wireless and auto Android
  • 22-inch wheels painted with silver
  • Control downhill
  • Tractor kit
  • Two-speed transfer box
  • Adaptive air suspension
  • Panoramic sunshade
  • Electric table
  • Slide center console
  • The camera looks around
  • Digital rearview mirror
  • Guide to the trailer

For $ 80G, I expect real wood

The Tahoe High Country’s interior sets a new standard for Chevy trucks, with leather seats, soft materials everywhere you can lean on or touch and industry-leading controls and connectivity.

Climate, audio, and navigation controls are easy to use, with a combination of voice recognition, a 10.2-inch touchscreen and most importantly buttons and dials for audio settings. and the climate is used frequently.

You can ask what one more can ask for, if you’ve never been in a Ford Expedition King Ranch or Platinum, or even a Ram Laramie Longhorn pickup. They have designs that flourish unexpectedly, such as a Ram-branded wooden trim and a saddle bag style bag.

Against this backdrop, Tahoe’s faux wood trim seems to be an obvious flaw, undermining the qualities of the interior: space, comfort and, in general, attractive and appealing materials.

The Tahoe interior has a ton of attractive features, including a panoramic sunroof and an engine tank in the center console that can slide backwards for accessible second-seat passengers.

GM’s safety alert seat is one of the auto industry’s best features, vibrating the front or side cushioning of the driver’s seat in response to obstacles and oncoming vehicles. It sounds distracting, but quickly becomes second nature. I prefer it to beep or flash alerts.

2020 Chevrolet Tahoe at a glance

Base price: $ 49,000

Tahoe High Country 4WD as tested: $ 80,550 (excluding arrival fee)

6-seater SUV with 4-wheel drive.

Engine: 6.2L V6

Output: 420 hp @ 5,600 rpm; 460 pound-feet of torque @ 4,100

Process of transmission: 10 speed automatic

EPA: 14 mpg city / 19 highway / 16 combined

The standard long: 120.9 inches

Length: 210.7 inches

Width: 81 inches

Height: 75.9 inches

Curb weight: £ 5,845

Assembled in Arlington, Texas.

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