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There is no way to move PS5 games away from SSD • Eurogamer.net

And PS5 game backups cannot be backed up to USB.

Continuing our PlayStation 5 review process, Digital Foundry today introduces a guided tour of the amazing new user interface, exploring new menu systems and functions – and key in the video recording process Hey, some inconvenient problems have been raised. The big problem is that: at the moment, there doesn’t seem to be a way to copy PS5 games out of the main system’s storage, causing issues when the SSD is full. In this case, the only way to install new games is to delete old ones, meaning to play them again you will need to re-download ̵

1; delete other installed PS5 games in the process. PlayStation 4 games installed on PS5 are not affected – these may be transferred to external USB memory.

In common with Xbox Series consoles, next generation games for PS5 can only be run from internal storage (or 1TB expansion card, in the case of Microsoft consoles) and so far, Sony haven’t included any third-party M.2 on the NVMe Drive allowed list for more solid state drive space. However, the difference here is that the Xbox console allows all old and new games to be stored on external storage. You can’t run next generation games from there, but at least you can bring titles to and from the internal memory without having to reload them. This doesn’t seem to be a viable solution for the PS5.

To test this, we filled up 667GB of PS5’s available storage with PS4 games, then tried to install a new PS5 title. The system asked us to free up space, exactly as you’d expect – and the only way to do it with PS5 game data is to delete it. In an era where games often break the 100GB barrier, this causes a lot of problems and we really hope that Sony will tackle this as a matter of urgency.

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Digital Foundry’s John Linneman presented a guided tour of the PlayStation 5 UI. The game storage options are presented over a nine-minute period.

Less problematic, but still more limited than PS4 is the way PS5 game save data is handled. On the PS5 UI, it is still possible to backup and restore PS4 game data from USB. However, the USB option was gone when resolving PS5 backups. This is purely my guess, but the PS4 game-saving system was hacked years ago – and you can either buy software that tweaks your savings with cheats or lets you share His savings with other users, immediately awarded them platinum trophies, for example.

By keeping the PS5 completely under the control of Sony, this increases security – while providing convenience for users. It should be emphasized that the PS5 doesn’t automatically store saved data by keeping it in the cloud, similar to Microsoft’s console solution playing since the launch of the Xbox One.

However, the SSD storage issue – and the lack of PS5 header storage options – is a concern and we reached out to Sony for comments.

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