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The XFL should consider fall 2020

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College football could be a hit early in the fall of 2020, even if players like Clemson’s midfielder Trevor Lawrence want to play. If Lawrence and the others want to play this fall, and with the NFL not an option for them due to the rules aimed at protecting the NFL’s free-farm system, there is a hidden solution in sight.


With Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson leading a new ownership group (the sale was passed in bankruptcy court on Friday) and immediately energizing a famous brand twice in 20 Over the past year, there is a unique and unique opportunity for XFL 3.0. Find a city, form a hard bubble and open the door for high-end college players who won’t play college football in the fall of 2020.

They will be able to play in a safe environment, they will be checked regularly, they will be able to play and (stay tuned) they will be paid.

If college football takes a break in the fall, FOX and ABC / ESPN will rush to look for opportunities to broadcast XFL matches featuring great college talent with famous names. And there is no need to link cities because all games will be played in one place, players can be allotted to keep current teammates together.

A team can mostly be Alabama players. One person can mainly be Clemson players. One is the State of Ohio. And so on, until eight roster (or maybe 12 or 16) is filled, with the best players from all the other teams added to complete the roster.

The lower graders most likely won’t sacrifice their eligibility to compete this fall. The XFL will provide a mechanism to give 2021 tournament players a chance to play this fall, get paid and provide NFL scouts with more game movies.

It’s such an obvious solution that it would be surprising if it did did not to happen – if / when college football stopped running in the fall of 2020.

And if anyone can do something like this, it’s Dwayne Johnson. It will be interesting to see if he sees the opportunity, and whether he and his partners embrace it.

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