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The world is anxiously waiting for the US election results

From Ford Model T cars that ship in just 90 minutes to 60 seconds on burgers, the United States has long played a big part in making the world a frenetic and impatient place, ready and the desire to be satisfied immediately.

So world Wednesday realizing that a US election winner may not be known for days or longer is jarring for a planet addicted to American speed.

The game of guesswork tries to figure out whether – and how – President Donald Trump or challenger Joe Biden will end up in the White House quickly becoming global.

Government leaders tried to understand the delays, and ordinary citizens swapped views, hopes and fears on feeds and phones. Some scratching their heads ̵

1; not the first time – during the US presidency was not decided by total votes by who won 270 votes in the Electoral College.

Many parts of the world are no longer subject to US criticism of their elections and their governance. Emphasizing how the film appealed to global audiences, TV graphics in Japan used fireball to denote some of the battlefield nations critical to the outcome.

Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso said: “I heard that it may take a while before things are settled. “I don’t know how it could affect us.”

A Spanish resident in Paris was stunned to wake up with no declared winner. “I thought it would be clear. And I’ve read various articles, nobody really knows who will win, ”said Javier Saenz. “I was very shocked by that.”

The lack of an immediate winner by itself is not a sign that something is wrong. In a year turned upside down by the coronavirus pandemic, many states made postal voting easier. That slows down the synthesis of results.

The scope of elections in 2020 is more than:

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who was poisoned and attacked for challenging the Kremlin and trying to make Russia more democratic, even arguing the delay as a consolation, a sign of democracy in the workplace.

“Wake up and go to Twitter to see who has won. Not clear yet. Now those are (what I call) the elections, ”he tweeted.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison also described the delayed results as a demonstration of democracy.

Morrison told reporters in Sydney: “I have a lot of faith in America’s democracy and I have a lot of confidence in their institutions and the thing about great institutions and democracy is that they deal with injustice any challenge, like ours.

But elsewhere, global insecurity of ignorance is mingled with growing concerns about how America can heal after a divisive campaign. Trump’s own unusual and early victory declaration and his threats to run for the Supreme Court also aroused anxiety and comparisons with autocrats.

“It was the moment ‘Trump or we burn the country,'” said Danny Makki, an analyst on Syria, quipping when referring to the slogan “Assad, or we burn the country”, each Syrian President Bashar Assad’s supporters erupted. on the walls in the early days of the country’s civil war to intimidate opponents.

In particular, from Europe, the call for patience and strict vote counting was issued. In Slovenia, the birthplace of first lady Melania Trump, right-wing Prime Minister Janez Jansa declared “pretty clear that the American people voted Donald Trump”, but he was a lonely voice among leaders in outperforming any company. result.

Germany’s deputy prime minister, Olaf Scholz, emphasized a complete tally, saying: “It is important for us that everything counts and we have a clear result in the end.”

And German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said that “the battle over the legitimacy of the outcome – whatever it will be – has now begun.”

“This is a very explosive situation. She said on ZDF TV is a situation where experts say it could lead to a constitutional crisis in America. “It’s something we have to worry about a lot for sure.”

In the financial markets, investors hoping for a clearer outcome have struggled to understand it all, causing the indicators to swell.. Industry lobby groups in Germany and Japan, both US trading partners, warn that prolonged uncertainty could adversely affect business operations.

Traditional U.S. allies cling to the belief that regardless of Trump or Biden’s victory, the longstanding fundamentals underpin some of the major U.S. relationships will prevail.

Thierry Breton, commissioner for internal markets for the European Union, said: “Whatever the election results, they will remain our allies for many years and decades.”

In the vacuum, there is also a grading, with some in Russia, Africa and elsewhere arguing that the electoral process is exposing the imperfections of American democracy.

“Africa has learned American democracy, America is now learning African democracy,” Nigerian Sen. Shehu Sani tweeted, reflecting the common views of some people on the continent who have long met. trouble in the US elections and criticism of the US about them.

In Zimbabwe, spokesman for the ruling ZANU-PF party, Patrick Chinamasa, said: “We have nothing to learn about democracy from former slave owners.”

But others said US electors distinguished themselves by voting in large numbers amid the pandemic.

“It will be a remarkable story for democracy, whatever the outcome,” said Leslie Vinjamuri, an international relations expert at Chatham House in London. “But if what we see in the next few days is a contested election, a president accused of cheating, people on the ground plunge into some sort of outcome, trying to stop the Counting the votes, I think we are in a completely different situation. “


AP journalists around the world have contributed.

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