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The Weeknd Earn First Contemporary Adult # 1 With ‘Dazzling Lights’

The song also topped the Pop Songs broadcast chart for six weeks and this week spent the record-breaking 46th frame in the survey. It peaked in 45 weeks of five other hits (most recently Harry Styles’ “Adore You”).

The Weeknd also released his latest title on his AC chart, “In Your Eyes” opening at number 29. Originally released, with “Lights” on his album. After many hours, the song is being promoted on AC radio through a version starring Kenny G.

As for the sax star, Kenny G added his 27th AC contest, dating his first song, “Songbird,” in 1987. That song became the first of the number. The 1

0 best songs from the vote count, totaling two number 1, both 1993: “Forever in Love” and “By the Time This Night Is Over”, the latter featuring Peabo Bryson.

Kenny G is the second artist to have released at least one song on the AC chart in the 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s, 10’s, and 20’s, after Barry Manilow, whose record dates back to the 70s. (Chicago also appeared on AC from the 70s to the 20s, with a 2019 holiday track still on the charts this January. Whitney Houston and Richard Marx also expanded their AC history from the 80s to 20s with songs released last year and charting in 2020)

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