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The United States reported the highest number of deaths from covid-19 in a day since mid-May

The President also launched his latest coordinated effort to bring students back to schools in the United States, saying “99.9 percent” of coronavirus deaths involve adults. He threatened to send federal money away from schools that weren’t open, and warned of the intellectual harm that could be caused if the kids stayed at home indefinitely.

“When you sit at home in the basement looking at the computer, your brain starts to dry,” Trump said, adding that “all schools should plan to resume live classes as soon as possible. good.”


On Wednesday, the country reported the highest number of deaths in a day since mid-May, nearly 1,500. The country has now seen the average number of new deaths reported over seven days still above 1,000 for 17 consecutive days.

Georgia reported 105 deaths on Wednesday, marking the second day in a row. North Carolina reported another 45 deaths on Wednesday, marking its highest daily number since July 29. Texas reported an additional 324 deaths from the disease.

School systems across the country continued to adopt different approaches as the school year began. Some have stated they will continue to learn virtual during this time. Others have adopted a matching model in which students attend periodically only face-to-face. And several school systems have opened their doors to full-time teaching, with results varying so far.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) said the city’s public schools are expected to welcome around 700,000 students who want to study face-to-face when they open in September. the majority of the 1.1 million students in the district, the largest in the country.

New York City is poised to become one of the 10 largest school districts in the country opening schools for the 2020-2021 school year. That became possible as the state – once the epicenter of the US pandemic – significantly reduced its infection rate through rigorous public health measures.

New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo (D) announced last week that school districts can choose to reopen as long as the proportion of people who test positive for the virus in an area is less than 5. percent.

Other school systems continued to grapple with the exploding ghosts. At Etowah High School in Woodstock, Ga., Dozens of 12th graders gathered together to take pictures side by side as classes began on August 3rd. Not a single smile was covered with masks.

Just over a week later, all students were sent home and school closed.

In total, more than 900 students and staff in Cherokee County were ordered quarantined Tuesday morning after 59 students and staff tested positive for coronavirus, according to school officials. One-third of those quarantined are from Etowah High School, which has 14 confirmed cases.

Cherokee County School District Superintendent Brian V. Hightower said in a notice to the community this week that the high school would be closed until August 31, and the number of people in need of segregation could “increase. Significant “when better test results are invited.

Meanwhile, in another Georgia school district, parents, teachers, and students expressed conflicting beliefs about school safety and leadership during an emotional meeting at the end of the day. Tuesday.

Paulding County School District was pushed to the national stage last week when at least two North Paulding High School students shared viral images and videos of a crowded hallway mostly masked students.

Students were suspended for posting the pictures, a decision was subsequently reversed against at least one of them. School was closed this week for the third day to clean up after six students and at least three staff tested positive for the virus.

During this week’s school board meeting, some parents highlighted the need for face-to-face learning as they strive to keep their full-time job, and others asked the district to provide a data-driven agenda. for direct learning as well as for concealing quests.

The increasing number of deaths and the wave of unemployment caused by the pandemic have not stopped the recovery on Wall Street.

The S&P 500 Index almost broke its all-time high on Wednesday, almost matching the record from February, before the coronavirus started to hit the US.

The benchmark index’s staggering return represents a significant increase from March’s lows, as stocks in all sectors fell at an alarming rate as the virus spread across the country and local government. Phuong urges Americans to take refuge at home, pushing the economy into a difficult position.

The S&P 500 rose 46 points, or 1.4%, at the end of the trading day. The index missed its record 3,386 six points, or about 0.2%.

The Dow Jones industrial average rose more than 289 points, or 1.05%, at the close. The tech-heavy Nasdaq recently set a record, gaining 229 points, or 2.13%.

The rise of the S&P, like other rallies in recent months, shows a stark contrast on economic signals.

Unemployment remains at a historic high, with more than 30 million Americans receiving some sort of unemployment benefit. The US economy declined a staggering 9.5% between April and June, the fastest quarterly rate drop in modern history. And corporations have suffered staggering losses as many American consumers are confined to their homes, leaving travel and cutting retail spending.

In the latest reminder that the virus is changing the US retail landscape, the discount chain Stein Mart filed for bankruptcy on Wednesday and announced plans to shut down most, if not all, shop while looking for buyers for the e-commerce business.

The company is headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla. said they ran out of cash to continue operating during the pandemic, despite a $ 10 million small business loan from the government’s Wage Protection Program. In their bankruptcy filing, they say they owe between $ 500 million and $ 1 billion from 10,000 lenders.

Hunt Hawkins, the retailer’s chief executive officer, said in a statement: “The combined effects of the challenging retail environment coupled with the impact of the pandemic have created significant financial hardship for our business ”.

More than a dozen major retailers, including JC Penney, J. Crew and Neiman Marcus, have filed for Chapter 11 protection since the coronavirus crisis struck. Lord & Taylor and Men’s Wearhouse’s parent company, Tailored Brands, submitted their submissions last week.

Other countries are also dealing with economies that have been shaken by the virus.

According to data released on Wednesday, the UK economy officially fell into a record recession, down 1/5 in the second quarter and recorded the strongest decline among the seven countries.

Along with the huge job loss announced a day earlier, the UK currently has the worst economy and highest death toll in Europe due to the coronavirus. Its deaths were second only to the United States, Brazil and Mexico.

Official data released by the UK National Bureau of Statistics (ONS) on Wednesday showed gross domestic product fell 20.4% in the second quarter from the first quarter. Recession reflects losses across all sectors.

“The recession caused by the coronavirus pandemic caused the biggest drop in quarterly GDP in history,” said Jonathan Athow, deputy national statistics officer for ONS.

Recession is when two consecutive quarters saw a decline in gross domestic product. The UK’s first quarter in January, February and March fell 2.2%. This is the UK’s first recession in 11 years, since the global recession of 2009.

Meanwhile, the number of new daily coronavirus infections is increasing in several major European countries, including Germany, France and Spain.

Germany on Wednesday announced 1,226 new cases, the highest number since early May. Speaking to the country’s public television station, German Health Minister Jens Spahn warned that the increase in cases was due to disease clusters “in most parts of the country.”

While German hospitals and medical institutions have so far not been overwhelmed by new cases, Spahn warns that the rise could lead to a new “dynamic”.

Karla Adam, William Booth, Valerie Strauss, Jaclyn Peiser, Lateshia Beachum, Hamza Shaban, Abha Bhattarai and Rick Noack contributed to this report.

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