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Chicago’s indoor eating and drinking ban began on Friday when the United States nearly 9 million COVID-19 infections.

Nearly 80,000 newly confirmed cases were reported Thursday, along with 994 new deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University data.

Cases are on the rise in Los Angeles, where county health officials on Thursday reported 1,745 new cases, the highest daily number since late August. In Texas, a judge in El Paso has ordered unnecessary services to be closed for two weeks from Friday amid a growing hospitalization.

Worldwide, Japan topped 100,000 cases, with nearly a third coming from Tokyo, and India reporting declines every day after surpassing 8 million, second only to the United States.

📈 Today’s number: The United States reported more than 8.9 According to data from Johns Hopkins University, millions of cases and more than 228,000 deaths. Global total: 45 million cases and 1.18 million deaths.

🗺️ Coronavirus mapping: Track US outbreaks in your state.

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Study: 20% of grocery store workers have COVID-19

A study published on Thursday found that grocery store workers are at a higher risk of becoming infected with COVID-19, with one in five workers surveyed having positive test results and most of them shoplifting. near.

Research published in the journal Occupational & Environmental Medicine found that employees with a role in customer interaction are five times more likely to have positive results. 3/4 people who test positive have no symptoms.

Researcher, Dr. Justin Yang told CNN: “This is certainly very alarming as it means retail grocery store employees are in contact with customers and act as a middleman for the virus. – like a super big spreader.

Outbreak in Europe: 10 million cases; Spain state of emergency until May

European countries have recorded more than 10 million COVID-19 infections since the beginning of the pandemic and broke weekly records with more than 1.5 million confirmed cases last week, the European director of The World Health Organization said Thursday.

WHO Regional Director for Europe, Dr Hans Kluge said: “Europe is once again the epicenter of this pandemic. “In the face of the danger of alarming, I must express our real concern.”

The Spanish parliament voted to stay the state of emergency until May 2021. France says its citizens will be detained half a mile from their homes in the next month, unless they buy food or school or a few other exceptions. Pope Francis is pausing the public audience and will limit participation at Christmas.

The Fauci assists the National Mask Mission

Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said earlier this week the United States needed a national authorization for the mask and also expressed concern that the country was “not in where is good “for cases of COVID-19 and hospitalization. .

Fauci made comment on the mask on Wednesday when speaking to CNBC host Shephard Smith, who asked if it was “time” and whether a national mandate was needed.

“We do,” said Fauci. “I expect the mayors and the governors to do it locally if it isn’t done nationwide.”

Fauci also said this week that the US is not in a good position as COVID-19 cases continue to rise and more cases are expected during winter and holiday season.

“We’re not in a good place,” he said in a Wednesday interview with JAMA’s Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Howard Bauchner. “What worries me a lot is that we never go down to baseline lows after we have an initial big break.”

CDC: Boy with COVID-19 was likely to lead to 116 cases at Wisconsin summer camp

A boy who arrived in southeastern Wisconsin summer camp accidentally became infected with COVID-19 capable of spreading the virus to 116 people, a new Center for Disease Control and Prevention report shows.

From July 2 to August 11, an infected camper who tested negative prior to arrival led to a diagnosis of COVID-19 in nearly 80% of the camp attendees, according to reports. announced on Thursday.

On July 28, state health officials examined nearly all attendees at a faith-based camp for boys after a small group of children had close contact with the boy. sick or positive. The report said at least one confirmed case was found in every dorm room and illness was during the outbreak.

The CDC reported that all illnesses were mild to moderate, and there were no hospitalizations or deaths.

– Molly Beck, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Los Angeles County reported the highest number of daily cases since the end of August

Los Angeles County is seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases, with health officials reporting 19 new deaths and 1,745 new cases on Thursday, the highest number of daily cases since the end August.

LA County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said in a statement: “The high number of daily cases is of great concern because, as we have seen in the past, an increase in lead cases to an increase in hospitalizations and deaths ”. to keep reopening complementary industries and attracting more children back to school. ”

The news comes three days after the county hit two major milestones: 7,000 confirmed deaths and 300,000 infections. The health agency said on Monday that it was “very likely” that celebrating the Lakers’ NBA Finals victory had contributed to a spike in the number of cases.

IHOP could close nearly 100 restaurants nationwide amid an ongoing pandemic

IHOP could close up to 100 locations in the US as the pandemic continues to affect indoor eating and drinking activities nationwide. Pancake house’s parent company, Dine Brands Global, released the statement in its third-quarter earnings report on Thursday.

“Given the impact of the pandemic on individual restaurant-level economies, the Company is assessing the viability of IHOP restaurants in the country that are operating inefficiently,” the report wrote. The closure will take place over the next six months.

Applebee’s, also owned by Dine Brands Global, will close around 15 restaurants by the end of this year.

– Murphy Coral

Wing-back Trevor Lawrence of Clemson Tigers tested positive for a COVID-19

Trevor Lawrence, the No. 1-ranked Clemson Tigers junior midfielder and runner-up to the Heisman Trophy, will not play in Saturday’s match against Boston College after testing positive for COVID-19.

“Trevor has authorized us tonight to announce that he tested positive for COVID-19 and is currently on quarantine,” Clemson coach Dabo Swinney said in a statement. lice. “He’s fine with mild symptoms but won’t be present for this. match of the week against Boston College.

The Tigers are scheduled to play at Notre Dame for a week starting Saturday.

– Steve Gardner

El Paso, Texas, requested a two-week shutdown amid a skyrocketing COVID-19

A judge in El Paso County, Texas, ordered a two-week shutdown of unnecessary services starting at midnight Friday amid increasing hospital admissions during the COVID-19 crisis. .

Voting continues and polling places will remain open for upcoming elections as voting is an essential service, District Judge Ricardo Samaniego announced on Thursday. The hospitals are operating at full capacity, medical staff are overloaded and need to be shut down when the virus spreads, the judge said.

“It looks like there’s a shadow over us because of the numbers we are now,” Samaniego said, adding that new infections continue to increase in recent days.

El Paso continues to reach unprecedented levels during an outbreak with active cases, hospital patients, intensive care, and a skyrocketing positive rate. Public health officials reported on Thursday morning a record 14,359 known active cases, 934 people hospitalized, 245 people in ICU, and the seven-day average active rate of 17.24%. .

– Daniel Borunda and Vic Kolenc, El Paso Times

Source COVID-19 from the United States TODAY

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