Three people were killed in a knife attack at a church in France that authorities say are related to terrorism.

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LONDON – The UK raised its terrorist threat to a serious level on Tuesday, the second highest, following recent attacks in Austria and France.

The level of severe threat means that an attack in the UK is considered to be a highly probable one. The levels were previously significant, meaning an attack is supposed to be probable.

The decision announced by Interior Minister Priti Patel came after a man who had previously tried to join the Islamic State group stormed the center of the Austrian capital Vienna armed with an automatic rifle at night. Monday, kill 4 people before the police shoot him dead.

“We have taken important steps to modify our powers and strengthen our tools to deal with the growing terror threats we face,” Patel said in a statement. . “That process will continue, and the British public should make sure we take the strongest action we can to protect our national security. ”

Patel says the increased security warning is a “precautionary measure and is not based on any specific threat.”

The UK government’s Joint Terrorism Analysis Center, established in June 2003, sets the level of terrorism. The Center evaluates intelligence related to international, domestic and foreign terrorism, and establishes threat levels and issues warnings about threats and other terrorism-related information.

Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, head of the UK’s Counterterrorism Policy Division, said that while there is no intelligence link between attacks in Europe and the UK, police counterterrorism “will of course provide any assistance if we can”.

He urged the public to stay alert and said people can expect to see more police in some places in the coming days.

“Now more than ever, we need communities to come together and reject those who are trying to sow divisions and hatred between us,” he said. “We need community and family attention to anyone they perceive as vulnerable, dangerous, or escalating in the direction of terrorism. ”

Three people were killed at a church in Nice, France last week, an attack that the city mayor said was an act of terror.

It is the third such incident to take place nationwide in two months and comes weeks after a French teacher was beheaded after showing caricatures of the Muslim prophet Muhammad in class.


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