Wisconsin’s average COVID-19 test positive rate peaked for the first time at 30% on Monday as the state continued to face one of the country’s worst coronavirus outbreaks.

The average positive rate was 30.1% as reported by the State Department of Health when it tested positive for the first time in the past seven days. Two months ago, when the state’s epidemic began to increase, the average positive rate was 5.2%.

The state also reported 3,433 new cases and 5,413 new negative tests. The number of deaths increased by 3 people to 2,050 people.

Mondays typically have the lowest count of the week, as fewer tests are taken and processed on weekends.

However, the average daily number of new cases over the past seven days hit an all-time high on Monday of 4,463. Two months ago, the seven-day average was six times smaller, with about 695 new cases per day.

The average daily death toll in the past seven days was 37 people. Two months ago, the figure was six.

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The numbers come the day before Wisconsin residents go to the polls to vote in Tuesday’s presidential election. As of Monday morning, about 1.9 million ballots had been returned, or about 63% of the state’s total votes four years ago.

The soaring number of hospitalizations and deaths have followed the dramatic increase in cases the state has witnessed in the past two months. Medical experts predict the numbers will worsen in the coming weeks.

Last month was the worst month of the pandemic, with one of the 60 Wisconsinit states getting a positive COVID-19 test result in October. About 33% of Wisconsin residents who died with COVID-19 did so in October. October.

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Hospitals across Wisconsin continued to treat five times the number of coronavirus patients they had treated two months ago.

As of Monday afternoon, 1,648 people had been hospitalized for the virus in the state, including 352 patients in the intensive care unit.

The field hospital at State Fair Park treated 13 patients on Monday, up from four patients last Monday, according to the state. Known as an alternative care facility, it aims to free up bed space in stressful hospitals and treat coronavirus patients who need a lower degree of care in the hospital.

More than 2.07 million people were tested statewide for the virus. Out of 232,296 Wisconsinites tested positive:

  • 78.3%, or 181,845, have “recovered” to DHS standards, meaning that there is documentation to prove their symptoms have resolved or it has been 30 days since their diagnosis.
  • 20.8%, or 48,366, are considered “active”, meaning they haven’t recovered yet and are not dead.

The number of people with active cases will fill Miller Park and leave 6,400 people in the parking lot, DHS tweeted.

Last Monday, Wisconsin passed 200,000 coronavirus infections. The state reports more than 30,000 new cases a week.

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