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The state of affairs: Ohio State’s 2022 class continues to be the focus of the recruiting world, Domani Jackson’s father discusses the hiring of Five-Star Cornerback

Hurry-Up is your daily dose of updates from the Ohio State football recruitment trail, keeping up with the latest information on commitments and goals from around the country.

Ewers, Burton, Jackson bring OSU back to the world’s recruitment hub

Obviously we’ll be waiting for something to happen here, but over the past 48-72 hours, one of the biggest tales in the world of bizarre, ghostly recruiting is happening with Ohio State’s 2022 class. . And that happened after the 2021 grade was the focus of the recruiting world over the weekend when the Ohio State reality team was at the heart of college football.


One big reason the 2022 class was so central was the absence of five-star midfielder Quinn Ewers and a strong feeling that the State of Ohio was the preferred place to take down the nation̵

7;s No. 2 overall and professional midfielder. industry number 1 in the cycle.

The state of Ohio already has CJ Stroud and Jack Miller to lock the midfield position, and five-star Kyle McCord will be ranked in the 2021. But when asked about the importance of hiring an elite midfielder in Every class, Day on Thursday said, “That’s where it starts. In Ohio, if you become a midfielder, you will miss the New York Yankees. ”

Perhaps, then, Ewers will soon become the Derek Jeter version of Buckeyes.

Ewers said a decision could soon come to where he wanted to commit, and as soon as he was shut down, six Crystal Ball predictions flew in for Buckeyes to land him. What Ewers told 247Sports’s Steve Wiltfong before about why they stand out seems to fit perfectly with what Buckeyes has to offer:

“As long as they succeed and the ability to go to the annual college football knockout round,” Ewers said of what stood out in the past.

“The main thing I look for when talking to a coach or considering a university is the midfield development in the past and who has been as successful as them in previous years? I’ve known those people for a while. I went up there in the eighth grade (the family had a house in the Columbus area), that’s when they suggested me and since then I’ve kept a good relationship and have been happy talking to those people. Coach (Corey) Dennis was really happy to talk to. He’s younger, more connected and Coach (Ryan) Day too, those guys are really cool. ”

Another reason the 2022 team is inclined is because of the Crystal Ball’s predictions for the State of Ohio to land the five-star Caleb Burton, a Texas man who previously talked about partnering with Ewers at the next level. .

Jackson’s father discussed the recruitment of a son

Annnnd but one of the reasons Buckeyes’ next group of commitments was right in action was because of the five-star winger Domani Jackson, the national number 3 and number 1 winger, who was on Wednesday. A Crystal Ball trio flew to Ohio State to land the star from Mater Dei High School (California).

I spoke to Jackson’s father, Randy Jackson, on Wednesday night after those predictions entered the news wire. When asked why Ohio State was chosen as the final destination, elder Jackson said those predictions may have been made due to the virtual visit Domani and his family had with Buckeyes last week.

“Ohio has a court-wide press, led by Ryan Day,” Randy Jackson said. “Coach (Kerry) Coombs was the one who actually led it, (Mickey Marotti) was there. They also have scholarly talk. ”

Domani has previously called the virtual visit “eye-opening” for him and it has helped reinforce a lot of what the State of Ohio has to offer. However, Randy says the virtual visit doesn’t necessarily mean an imminent commitment. The phrase of the day is “appraisal.”

But with only virtual visits to do, that makes it much harder to fully feel the school and the program.

“I wouldn’t say it’s almost wrapped,” Jackson said. “Like I said, he went through this process. … When I say look at your process and do your due diligence, one thing I don’t like is when I see someone commit and then shut down. When someone commits, I feel they should be 100% committed. You should do your due diligence and then you won’t have to shut down.

“I see a lot of kids getting into a college and then when they get there they say, ‘Oh, I don’t like it here.’ Then you are in decline. I just want him to make sure everything is fine – you get on good terms with the coaches, you really go there, you can see yourself actually going to school there. I don’t think a virtual tour can make you feel like that. ”

So Randy hopes that Domani and his family will be able to visit Columbus at some point in the next few months. A visit was planned for Michigan on November 14 when Wolverines hosted the Wiscosin (as it happened to any rookie visiting the State of Ohio, of course, they wouldn’t be able to step foot in the facility) .

There are currently no other visitation plans, Randy said, and although Ohio State staff encouraged them to try and visit when the opportunity arises, nothing is being planned. However, he did say that if something happened and they had a chance to visit Columbus, they were “more likely to go.”

When Randy said previously that the State of Ohio brought “court journalism” into Domani, it goes back to what we talked about several times in the previous Hurry-Up. The state of Ohio is one of the most active programs in the country when it comes to recruiting, and once it identifies the player it loves, it pursues him with full force.

That brigade included Al Washington and was led by Day and Coombs, whom the Jackson family had actually known since early September when contact with Buckeyes’ new defense coordinator was actually captured.

“He’s communicating. He’s very transparent, ”Randy said. “I think he’s a very passionate coach. He has a lot of desire to have the kind of player he wants.

Jackson’s parents were both Ohio natives, born and raised in Youngstown before Randy moved to Southern California when he joined the Marines. That eventually led to a move to State College, Pennsylvania, where Domani started his footballing career, then four years living in Hawaii and then back to SoCal (you could say they went back to California Cali ) where they live.

Relations in Ohio remained strong for Jacksons, as most of the family with Domani’s father and mother still lived in the State of Buckeye. That played a big part in his recruitment.

The importance of recruiting colleagues

Arguably the biggest factor that explains why Buckeyes had such a sudden impetus on the hiring path is the merits of CJ Hicks and Dasan McCullough, two 2022 commitments that have been at the forefront of hiring classmates.

On Thursday, Day was asked how important hiring colleagues is when it comes to building a class and the nature of his message is something we’ve been saying for a long time – so many times it even is more important than recruiting a coach, and it becomes even more imperative in the dead time.

“It’s huge and I think by 2020, with Zooms and FaceTimes, Microsoft Teams, Skype, there are so many ways to communicate so it’s really bigger than ever,” said Day. “The group type was really strong and that’s why when you hire guys in your class, you want to bring leaders, high-personality people, to put those types of people in there. because they spend more time with the recruits than we do. I think that’s really, really important.

“I think Mark Pantoni and his staff have done a great job. And this time, although there isn’t much time left to recruit, that’s what Mark paid him. That is his job. He did a great job at that and I am proud of the way that even during this time when we don’t meet people face-to-face, we still connect with the people who are employed. That is a tribute to all employees, employees of Mark. So we just have to go ahead and maintain it. ”

Pryor accepts all-American jerseys

For the 2021 class news, the North Carolina four-star rerun Evan Pryor is Ohio State’s latest pledge in the cycle to pick up his All-American Bowl jersey in a virtual presentation into Wednesday night.

“It really makes sense for me to be a part of this game,” said Pryor during his presentation (which starts at 7:44). “I want to thank the coaches, family and friends who have helped me all the way to this point.”

Pryor was one of the fastest-running defenders in the 2021 tournament, and his home-field intimidation combined with his ability to scold between shots.

“There could be a couple that pulls back there with more pitch, more productivity than Evan Pryor. I don’t think there are any better movies, ”said 247Sports analyst Barton Simmons in his analysis. “Turn it on, and he shows a fierce outburst. He has great long speed. He is 10.8 meters 100 meters tall, and that is verified. He can play in space, he can catch the ball from the backyard very effectively, but he also has a compact build and he is physical. I think he has the ability to both run between shots, be an attacking player, get a lot of workload but also play in space, as a home laner. I think whatever you are looking for in the return, Evan Pryor has to offer.

Title photo: Domani Jackson – Gerard Martinez / 247Sports

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