A Southwest Airlines flight at Nashville International Airport that nearly took off on Tuesday returned to the gate and was deported after a passenger on the plane refused to wear a mask.

Nashville Airport spokesman Kym Gerlock said at 9:20 am, Metro Nashville Airport Agency Public Safety staff were dispatched to gate C21 at the request of Southwest officials for a The female passenger quarreled about refusing to wear a mask on the plane and then got off the plane. .

Dan Lanson, a Southwest spokesman, told The Tennessean: “Immediately after being pushed back from the gate, Flight 2388 from Nashville to Las Vegas returned after a customer refused to comply with the we.

Because passengers refused to follow Southwest staff’s instructions, all passengers had to be removed from the flight, Gerlock said.

Gerlock said that after the passenger was deported, DPS agents escorted the woman from the plane to the southwest gate to refund the fare.

“Thanks to this woman, the entire passenger plane had to land because she refused to wear a mask,” Facebook user Kevin Ross wrote in a post with a photo of him capturing the riot. on Tuesday. “The passenger thanked her for ruining their day (missed due to the delay) and shouted back, ‘I’m allowed! I’m allowed!’ and at least half of the passengers shouted, “No, that’s not it!”

Once the woman’s refund was processed, the staff members escorted the woman to the unsafe area of ​​the airport, Gerlock said.

“What a scene,” Ross wrote in his Facebook post. “I must say I was delighted when an old gray haired man shouted,” Goodbye, Felicia. “

The woman was not arrested, Gerlock said.

Lanson said the incident caused the flight to be delayed by about an hour. The passenger finally boarded the plane and landed in Las Vegas at 11:55 am PST.

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