SportsPulse: The duel in the desert between Kyler and Tua is one of the matches of the year. It also showcases the future faces of the tournament. Mackenzie Salmon reacts to all of the biggest storylines from Week 9 in the NFL.


The NFL is halfway through the 2020 season and suddenly there’s a diary at the top of NFC.

With defeats to the Seattle Seahawks, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Arizona Cardinals, there are now six teams that are leading in a single (6-2) match in the congress. Overcoming AFC, 8-1 Kansas City Chiefs, thanks to star defender Patrick Mahomes, it looks like they could be the team leading in their meeting with favorable odds. And Mahomes can suddenly become the most popular to win his second MVP award.

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Here are the winners and losers of Week 9.


Parity on top of NFC

When the Buccaneers, the Seahawks and the Cardinals lost and the Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints won, suddenly there was a logjam on top of NFC. That set up a thrilling race for the number 1 seed in the second half of the season. All of those teams have five or six wins and two or three losses. The Los Angeles Rams, who have been in their farewell week, are also drawing 5-3.

Due to changes to the knockout format, only the top seeds in each tournament are allowed to bid farewell. This is even more impatient for football fans, each with a midfielder who can shine and take over the game when called. At various times so far this season, every team looks to be its best at conference. And with such an expansive landscape, there should be an even more sense of urgency as the season passes.

QB futures in Miami and Arizona

Although the Miami Dolphins beat the Cardinals in a thrilling 34-31 match, both teams must feel optimistic about what they have seen from their young midfielders. Starting his rookie Dolphins’ second career, Tua Tagovailoa answered many of the questions posed in his first time. He showed great mobility, clearing concerns about his severe hip injury while in Alabama. He proved that he can do throws when it comes out of the bag. Most importantly, he showed he can put the game in his hand and make plays when the Dolphin needs him to do so. Tagovailoa finished 20-28 248 yards with two points.

Meanwhile, Murray went on to grow into one of the deadliest double defenders in the entire NFL. He became the first player in the tournament history to throw 275 yards or more with three touches of the ball while scoring a further 100 yards or more with at least one dash. In fact, it was the late-game conservative play that led to Zane Gonzalez’s 49-yard goal and Cardinals’s defeat.

Patrick mahomes

While everyone was talking about Seahawks midfielder Russell Wilson and Packers midfielder Aaron Rodgers early on in the MVP race, Chiefs passer Patrick Mahomes went on to take a 33-31 win over the Carolina Panthers.

Mahomes completed 30 out of 45 attempts with 372 yards and four touches. He has now thrown nine touches in his last two matches and has a touch-to-interception ratio of 25: 1. He also became the fastest player in NFL history to hit 100 touches, did this in 40 career matches, four fewer than Miami Dolphin and previous record holder Dan Marino. Mahomes is new in his third year as a starter for Kansas City, has the defending Super Bowl champions 8-1 and may be on the verge of winning a second MVP award after this season.


The Deadly Flaw of the Seahawks

Seattle has won eight consecutive games in Sunday’s early games but fell on Sunday with a 44-34 loss to Buffalo Bills. And for Seahawks, who once looked like one of the NFL’s top contenders, it was clear their deadly flaw could be a defense that simply makes too many yards and plays big. 44 points is the most that a Seattle team led by Pete Carroll has ever allowed. “It was very unusual,” said Carroll after the game. “I don’t even recognize us.”

Buffalo midfielder Josh Allen has been extremely effective, completing 31/38 passes within 415 yards and a total of four touches. Seahawks are currently dropping an average of 30.4 points per game, placing them in the final quarter of the NFL. Although they created seven sacks against Buffalo, their pass speeds were inconsistent. No other high school in the NFL allows more volleyball (2,897). And while Wilson has been very impressive, Seattle’s uncertain defense just puts so much pressure on their opponents to beat them. While the Seahawks (6-2) have managed so far this season, when the competition tightens and when they face tougher opponents if they get to the post-season phase, the that degree may not be sustainable.

Wine seller

Tampa Bay looked completely blank in a 38-3 defeat to NFC South Saints. New Orleans wiped out the Buccaneers, a team that could prove to be crucial in their playoff seed placement. This is also the biggest defeat in the career of defender Tom Brady.

New Orleans’ attacking line completely dominated Tampa Bay’s regularly disruptive passes, giving Saints midfielder Drew Brees plenty of time to look for open goals. Most importantly, Brady and the Bucs’ attack looked completely disjointed, going three and beating in their first four properties, only to follow in the fifth act by an interception. Brady ended the game with 209 yards, no touch and three interceptions and some confusing decisions. Tampa Bay hit the ball just four times. The Buccaneers will want to erase this from their memory, but the receiver injury is just one of the team’s concerns.

Los Angeles Chargers’ luck

You really have to feel the Chargers fans. On a day when rookie defender Justin Herbert broke Cam Newton’s record for most passes in a rookie ‘s first seven appearances, Chargers once again lost to the Las Vegas Raiders. . During the game’s final play, Chargers appeared to have a winning touch in the game, but the reversal of the match indicated that Donald Parham tightly ended that what was supposed to be a touch. the ball when he falls to the field. They lost, 31-26.

Los Angeles are currently 2-6, and not only are their losses nearly going in dire ways, defeats are all 1 point away with an average 4 point difference. When considering the reasons for the trend, the main culprit should be a defense measure that has failed at critical times. At some point, the Charger fortunes seem bound to tune, but increasingly it seems that it may be too late if that happens.

The slow start of the Denver Broncos

There’s plenty to blame for the team’s 34-27 defeat to the Atlanta Falcons, but a slow start – again – was too much to overcome. The first time Denver crossed the red area for the foul was when the match was 4:10. Defense started the game to Atlanta convert six of eight attempts down third.

While the Broncos edged Falcons by 21-7 in the fourth quarter, their 17-point deficit before halftime drowned their hopes of winning. It was too late for Lock and Denver to wake up. Denver (3-5) was plagued by significant injuries with a rush and secondary pass, but attack coordinator Pat Shurmur decided to try to set up early game which resulted in a poor start. fruit. Lock has finally become Denver’s top racer. A slow start is not a sign of a team that usually wins on the lane.

The Chicago Bears as a rival

Chicago had a light schedule of 5-4 for the first half of the season, but this looks like a worse team than it did. Once again, coach Matt Nagy’s offense went badly and was crushed in a 24-17 defeat to Tennessee Titans.

In the middle of the third quarter, Bears was unable to convert any of its nine third attempts. Their lead was Barkevious Mingo, a midfielder who had once made in 11 meters. They have only the first four defeats. By the end of the game, those numbers weren’t much better. Chicago went 2nd out of 15 (13%) to third; re-run David Montgomery (14 carry in 30 yards) was their rushed lead, and the Bears ended up with their first 22 kills, though most were secured in junk time. The attack line is under too much pressure and cannot open the fast lane. To characterize the production out of the narrow terminal position as spotting would be quite generous. And case coaching and calling decisions often make things harder than necessary. The Bears have lost three games in a row and a playoff looks like a pipe dream.


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