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The PS5 costs more than the XSX while struggling more with varied games in terms of performance, Insider says

The PS5 and Xbox Series X may be relatively close (probably coming out in about three months from now), but there’s still quite a bit of official information we’re missing, mostly one of the aspects. Most important of any new product: the price.

Insider Dusk Golem, mostly known for CAPCOM (Resident Evil / Street Fighter) and Silent Hill rumors, has posted some new tidbits in the ResetEra thread titled ‘In fact, Microsoft is expected to compete. How to the next generation Sony? ‘ The PS5 is likely to be more expensive than the Xbox Series X because Microsoft has a bigger ability than Sony in keeping production costs while keeping the retail price low. In addition, Dusk Golem also reports information from its sources that Sony’s next-generation console is having a harder time than the Xbox Series X in terms of performance in cross-platform games.

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[…] from some murmur I’ve heard, I’ll just say that I suspect the topic will “interestingly” age when a few other details on both platforms are revealed.

I mean this in a few other ways, but to give the broadest idea I would just say the Xbox Series X is much more powerful than the PS5 if we were just talking about raw power, cross-platform games would Better run there, which is something everyone will have to prepare themselves for. Plus, Microsoft is poised to lower Sony when it comes to pricing. It is easier for them to sacrifice and get in return on Game Pass profits than console sales compared to Sony that can.

PS5 is easier to develop overall and Sony has very talented studios behind it that will make the most of PS5, which I have no doubts about, but this topic is about how Microsoft will compete so what I practice centered on. But when it comes to cross-platform games, they’ll perform a lot better on the Xbox Series X. Xbox Series X will have a technological advantage over the PS5, and it will have a lot more.

The basic gist of what I’ve heard is that the PS5 is really good for working for games dedicated to it, but in reality, the specs are a bit weird for cross-platform games. If it’s cross-platform, using the PS5 SSD system comes in handy a bit, but not the max, and I’ve heard some of my developer friends talk a little bit about the struggles the PS5 struggled with over 1080p games still run 60 fps, while the Xbox Series X doesn’t have the same problem and can push up on it even in most cases. Of course, this is a small selection of people I’ve talked to, there’s more to it, but I hear something that will make this generation a bit interesting is the focus of the PS5 & Xbox Series X in other disciplines will create so many “interesting” -platform games of this generation, that we can actually see less of them and more games coming to one platform or another ( (plus PC), since it’s really hard to create an optimal game for both platforms because their focus is a bit different.

In a follow-up post, he explained that he was mostly referring to Resident Evil Village, which appeared to be struggling to get 1080p at 60fps on PlayStation 5. That said, Dusk Golem has also heard from friends of other developers that this is probably going to happen in other cross-platform games as well.

Okay, so I guess I’ll come here cleanly … I’m talking about Resident Evil Village. The game’s gruesome performance at the event revealed the PS5 with the terrible framerate featured in the trailer that is almost at the current state of the game on the PS5 a few months ago. The problem is, it seems that the game runs perfectly on Xbox Series X, they have had some problems with frame rate stabilization on PS5 (like Sony already has a PS5 event game recording rule on PS5. , resulting in bizarre frames showing in that trailer). But it is running in RE Engine and they will optimize more to take advantage of the game there.

The price stuff is from different sources, I’ve said that before but will clarify here.

From what I’ve heard from some of my other developer friends, the Xbox Series X really has the advantage when it comes to cross-platform games on most fronts. But this is still just the anecdote of the few people I’ve talked to about the subject, but I think some should be ready for that as it suits at least all of the people I’ve talked to do chat with. play for PS5 & Xbox Series X.

Of course, all of this information should be treated as a rumor with all it entails. However, Dusk Golem has proven to be a credible leakster and, after all, these don’t sound the same as outlandish claims based on what we know about Microsoft’s finances. price deals) and higher TFLOP than Xbox Series X (in terms of performance).

Anyway, we should know earlier as the PS5 price could be revealed later this month and the Xbox Series X will surely follow suit.

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