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The OnePlus Watch may still come, but not in the way most people would expect

It seems like OnePlus finally has a rumor that will never die, at least until it becomes a reality next year. It started back in 2014, right around the time of OnePlus itself, and there was almost an announcement this month before OnePlus was reported to have pulled the rug out again. The company’s first wearable may still be working, with rumors coming in 2021, but when it does appear it may not look like most smartwatches today, at least not when it comes to speaking. to the software that runs on it.

Android has made it significantly easier to make smartphones, certified by Google or otherwise, by freeing manufacturers from the work of developing and maintaining their own custom mobile software. Wear OS, formerly Android Wear, is similar for smartwatches, which is why it̵

7;s the most popular platform for wearables. Of course, there are quite a few exceptions, and the OnePlus Watch could be one of them.

Max Jambor, aka @MaxJmb on Twitter, bombed in just one line. As the advice, the OnePlus Watch won’t use Wear OS, as simple as that. Of course, that still leaves plenty of room to speculate about what OnePlus will use instead.

There are quite a few smartwatch manufacturers that have their own custom operating systems but they don’t have to go too far. In China, companies like Xiaomi and OPPO use a modified version of Android instead of Wear OS while Huawei uses its own custom operating system. Either of these is reasonable, but it might not be good for the product.

Even with an Android-based non-Wear OS platform, OnePlus will still be forced to do the job of connecting to Android or even iOS devices, not to mention the lack of support for popular apps. Given the level of OnePlus’ close cooperation with Google over the years, including on Android TV products, this rumor is certainly odd, disappointing, and hopefully inaccurate.

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