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The new report proposes an impressive feature change

The August 8 updates below. This post was first published August 7, 2020.

Apple’s iPad Air looks like the next tablet to get updated, possibly as soon as next month. So it̵

7;s not surprising that rumors are starting to spread. The latest comes from leaker Komiya. In a new tweet, the reliable tipster claims something very special about the upcoming iPad: it will have only one camera.

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Okay, so that’s not surprising, it’s just the iPad Pro with a dual camera, not to mention the LiDAR scanner on the back.

But it is worth noting the claim that the single camera will be an ultra-wide lens.

August 8th update. IPad Air rumors are not the only sign of a major change to the iPad lineup. A new patent has just been discovered by Apple Patent show something really unique: a foldable frame and multiple projectors. They are designed to project a virtual keyboard onto a desk or whatever. Are you crazy? This patent doesn’t specify which product it will be attached to, so could it be an iPad Pro, MacBook or who knows what else? The idea is that the projected keyboard will appear on another surface for you to type in.

The sensors will then detect the position of your fingers and thumb, and recognize which key you’re trying to press. This is not the first time that projection keyboards have been used, but in my experience the reliability and accuracy of such devices may vary, at least.

I would say, right now, the joy of the keyboard on the Mac and the external keyboard on the iPad is the movement in the keys, which is obviously not there if you’re typing your finger on a table. There’s really no weight or space saver that made me choose this method over something light, thin and most importantly, feels like the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro. That said, I don’t know exactly how Apple would implement such a solution and it could be something great. Back to the rumored iPad Air camera …

This is very different. An ultra-wide camera, while useful in many situations, is rarely used except as an addition to a conventional wide camera. It offers great flexibility and allows you to shoot panoramas without going backwards.

But to include this and not as broad or fancy instead, is unprecedented.

Komiya goes on to describe the sensor’s pixel density – that would be a 12MP camera.

This is also a surprise as it has a higher pixel count than the ultra-wide on the iPad Pro. Pro has a 12MP wide camera but 10MP super wide.

So why did Apple choose this lens?

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Yes, the iPad camera is not used in the same way as the iPhone camera. The addition of the LiDAR scanner, which was not expected on the iPad Air, is proof that the tablet is better for AR functions than just simple photography. After all, a wide, flat object is much less handy than one you can easily hold with one hand, or say it’s a camera that fits a useful handle and a design that has weight carefully.

So Apple probably realized that an ultra-wide camera is all you need on an iPad. I used the ultra-wide screen on my iPhone 11 more than I thought. It is certainly useful for larger photographs and surprisingly effective for portraits.

As for the higher pixel count of the iPad Pro, I think that suggests Apple will take the 12MP ultra-wide sensor from the iPhone 11. That assumes that the Air’s smaller thickness than the iPhone doesn’t make that impossible. . The Air is a bit thicker than the iPad Pro (6.1mm and 5.9mm, respectively) while the iPhone 11 is 8.3mm. Or this could be a brand new sensor, but it seems surprising that it was developed for the Air before the Pro. However, if there is only one camera, Apple might want to make sure it’s the best it can be.

This is the first time this rumor has appeared, so it may be disproved by other reports. If so, I will cover them.

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