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The Italians converted the Ram 1500 into a 710-HP Luxury Sedan, and it looks as ugly as you’d expect

You’re probably happy with its basic, top-running Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn. You have a multimillion dollar bell and whistle, including a spacious quad taxi with decorative accent stitching that you have on cowboy boots you buy for wedding photography … and just wedding photos . But Caren from Bluebonnet PTA has the same truck, and ugh. Did she get an F-150 King Ranch just like the basics?

Don’t be afraid, suburban parents can’t stand it! There’s a truly nuclear solution to this problem, thanks to the help of the eccentric Italian coaches in Aznom! The Aznom Palladium is such a luxury sedan – think that Rolls-Royce merged with the dance club of the 90s ̵

1; that they call it a “super limousine”. However, it also has the rugged ambience you’d expect, as it’s based on a Ram 1500 pickup.

Where the pickup bed once sat is now additional space for the spacious rear seats, a fastback top-trimmed roofline, and the rear trunk that slides outward like a giant drawer.

There are plenty of nods to other super-luxury cars that came before Aznom, such as the vertically-illuminated Rolls-Royce Ghost-esque of the grille, Bentley-ish’s curved fenders at the rear. and also very Rolls-ish inclusion of the crystal drink in the back seat. The long, wide opera window on C-pillar is reminiscent of the primitive Lincoln Continental. The gold and (what else?) Detachable palladium watch on top of the rear passenger area of ​​the center console is located a bit like Porsche’s Sport Chrono dashboard.

The interior is exactly more as you’d expect, with plenty of hidden storage compartments, aluminum details and a ridiculous amount of rear legroom. The rear seat doesn’t have a center console but instead looks like a quilted quilted leather love seat for both with seat belts, complete with matching pillows. An extension similar to the front center console includes a small refrigerator with space for champagne. Two Microsoft Surface Pro X tablets and Audison sound system are also in the back of the car.


You probably know the dashboard is straight out of a Ram pickup with a large vertically oriented infotainment screen at the front and center, but the materials that cover it are nicer. Palladium consists of the front and rear climate control system that are completely separate from each other. Touch screen control panel on the driver’s door can control refrigerator setting, whole car air-conditioning setting, interior lights, trunk, windows and doors, at the same time it can open and close all interior compartment.

It is also very large. About 6.6 feet tall and 19.9 feet long, your futile attempt to assert your dominance on the real Russian oligarch-style elementary school dropout lane will not go unnoticed. Italy. It’s a sedan, but … it’s not. Let’s not confuse this with some tiny Corollas. Palladium is designed to exhibit “mechanical strength,” according to a release by Aznom.

Most of the bodywork is steel, although some considerations have been put into its focus since the hood and roof are made of carbon fiber. A steel cage has been added to the back of the frame to improve the Palladium torsional stiffness.


Still, you’ll have more than enough power to haul all that ridiculous luxury around, with Monza Garage-tuned 5.7-liter biturbo engine making 710 hp and 701 torque. pound-feet. If that’s not enough, you can add the optional eTorque hybrid system. The engine is also capable of operating in a four-cylinder Fuel Economy mode as well.

Because it’s based on a Ram, there’s still four-wheel drive. There’s no lower-range gears anymore, but it comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission and an electronically locked differential. The car uses custom 22-inch aluminum wheels with Yokohama Advan Sport tires 285 / 45ZR22. Brembo GT six-piston disc brakes at the front and four-piston disc brakes at the back.

Palladium also comes with a number of additional accessories, including a luggage set that matches the Foglizzo interior leather and an umbrella made and signed by Francisco Maglia.


This is not the first time Aznom has decided that the Ram 1500 is a nice starting point for an unusually tall sedan with odd proportions. The company unveiled the Atulux in 2018, which has a similarly large rear seat, yacht-like decks and even a pop-up Nespresso machine.

But why accept Ram? I’ll let Aznom head over to Marcello Meregalli to explain:

In fact, I’ve always been infatuated with large cars like the big American sedans produced from the thirties to the early seventies, or the incredible Rolls-Royces and Bentley. of those times. I’ve always been fascinated by big cars. I like the super large hoods and their majestic looks. I have been thinking about making something similar for a long time now and I have even considered a “fix” operation on a classic Rolls-Royce. Then in 2008, Cadillac released the vehicle presidential limousine for President Barack Obama. This was not a “stretch” car, but it was built with different proportions. Starting as a super SUV, Cadillac created a luxury sedan [that was] big and imposing, but with the proportions of a classic sedan.

It’s all about us, honey. Americas! Aznom’s creations were really just miniature presidential limousines, without bulletproof layers and the like.


That being said, part of this sedan changeover is also very practical. Meregalli’s other company trades wines, which means he’s traveled to a lot of remote vineyards over the years where a top priority is not getting stuck on bad roads or inclement weather.

Aznom plans to make only 10 Palladium, each to be completely customized by the buyer, like a luxury yacht.

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