A chaotic scene erupted outside the counting room at the TCF Center in Detroit when election officials announced dozens of challengers that they were unable to re-enter the room due to overcrowding.


LANSING – A lawyer who worked on Tuesday’s election as an opponent of the Republican poll is accusing wrongdoing in the counting of votes in Detroit, based on an interaction she She said she was there with an election official at the TCF Center, the location in the city where absentee ballots were counted.

The allegation was filed on Thursday in support of the Trump campaign suit in Michigan. The lawsuit, filed Wednesday to the Michigan Court, seeks to temporarily stop counting of votes in the state.

But at Thursday’s hearing, Michigan Court Judge Cynthia Stephens said the affidavit was equivalent to rumors and questioned how it has to do with the relief that the Trump campaign is seeking. search, regarding access to polling for those following the poll and a request to watch video monitoring of voting boxes installed around the state after October 1.

Stephens denied those requests, saying that Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson issued an access directive to poll followers in a separate recent case, the counting of votes has ended and there is no chance. What legal basis does Benson provide or are expected to provide, with video access to monitoring ballot boxes installed by local election officials.

The judge issued the ruling from the bench but said a written order dismissing the case would be followed, possibly on Friday.

In the affidavit, Jessica Connarn, a member of the state bar from Bloomfield Hills, alleged that she was told by a absentee balloter in Detroit that the workers had “changed the date the ballots were received.”

“When I went to see a poll worker, she told me she was asked to change the date on the ballots to reflect that the ballots were received at an earlier date,” Connarn said in the statement. swear.

Benson said on Wednesday night: “In Michigan, I am proud to confirm that all valid ballots and only those that are valid, have been counted, safe and correct, and that the election results. Our will reflect the will of our people. “

In a response to Thursday’s lawsuit, assistant Attorney General Heather Meingast said the lawsuit should be dismissed, which is how Stephens made the final verdict.

“The plaintiffs tried to ‘remove’ the bell in this case,” Meingast said in a court filing. “They are asking this court to halt the tallying and process of absentee ballots across the state of Michigan. But tallying of the unofficial county results is complete.”

“Vague legal claims and non-existent facts have no value and should be dismissed,” Meingast said.

The total number of unofficial votes shows that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden receives about 150,000 more than President Donald Trump in Michigan.

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Connarn said in her affidavit that when she tried to get more information later from this poll, she was “scolded by the other polls who were working.” at her desk, who told me I needed to go and that I was not allowed to speak to the probe. “

During that interaction, the pollster took notes for Connarn, she said.

The note says “entered the receipt date as 11/20 on 11/20/20.”

In Michigan, only ballots received before 8:00 pm on Election Day, November 3 this year, are valid.

Connarn has attached a picture of the note in her affidavit. No additional evidence was provided that any ballots were actually inappropriately counted and the probe’s name was not included.

In Wayne County, a traditionally Democratic stronghold, Biden received 587,074 votes. Trump received 264,149 votes.

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