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The Google Phone (beta) app is available for select non-Pixel and Android One phones

There are Android users who want to install the Google Phone (beta) app on Pixel and Android One models on their own Android phones. In April, Google has begun to allow some non-Pixel handsets to install apps. But the list of compatible phones does not include Samsung and OnePlus models. That is, until today. The Google Phone (beta) app can now be installed on more Android devices.

The Android Police indicate that you may not be able to easily find the Google Phone (beta) app using the in-app search of the Play Store. You can find it on Google Search either through this link. So while you can show off to your Android friends and family members about the Google Phone (beta) app on your non-Pixel Android device, not all of its features. Both applications can work. Making calls doesn’t seem to be a problem, but getting them is often a different story. It all depends on the phone that has the app installed.
As we said above, not all of the features the Phone (beta) app offers on the Pixel will appear on another Android phone. One of these features is Call Screen. The Google Play Store listing for apps notes that with the latest update to Call Screen for Pixel models in states, Google Assistant will automatically screen unknown callers and filter out calls call automatically before the phone rings. And if the call is not an automatic call, Google will provide you with some useful information about who is calling and why.

To see if the Google Phone (beta) app works on a non-Pixel phone or Android One phone, you can try installing the app on your Android device.

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