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The election divided Congress, the GOP was supported when the Democrats faltered

WASHINGTON (AP) – The election vied for seats in the House and Senate but ultimately caused Congress to leave as it started, deeply divided as voters opposed big changes despite the hot race burn came first in the White House admission ticket.

It was a result of lessening the Democrats’ demand for a bold new agenda, encouraging Republicans and virtually securing a party stalemate regardless of who won the presidency. Or perhaps, as some say, it offers a rare opportunity for humble aisle collaboration.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is on her way to keep control of the Democratic HouseBut seeing much of her shrink and her leadership abilities are questioned. Control of the Senate lean toward Republicans as they fend off the onslaught of energetic challengers, though some races remain undecided on Wednesday.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Wednesday that he believes “no matter who ends up running the government”

;, they will “try to get through all of that and get results.”

One thing is for sure, unimplemented forecasts will force to rethink voting, fundraising, and the very message parties used to reach voters during the Trump era and beyond.

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By evening, Pelosi declared all but Democrat Joe Biden the winner, saying House Democrats “will now have a chance to make extraordinary progress” on party priorities. – Reduce healthcare costs, provide jobs through new infrastructure and other things.

But the bleak results for Democrats in congress questioned ambitious plans for party-driven legislative overhauls, wishing a sweep of the Washington administration.

Even if Democrats take over the White House and the Senate is narrowly divided, Pelosi’s leverage to force the implementation of deals on her terms will be reduced due to losses at her Home. .

If Donald Trump wins another term, his Republican allies, especially in the Senate will likely feel more comfortable sticking with him after exiting an electoral annihilation, though they have not yet laid out a GOP agenda.

Scott Jennings, a Republican strategist close to McConnell, said whether Trump won or lost Trump “reorganized the political parties,” making Republicans, not Democrats, the party of the “stratum. Labor class ”America.

“The Democrats have to think a lot when it comes to those voters,” Jennings said. “And Republicans have a lot to think about about enacting policies that are appropriate for those voters.”

The Democrats oppose that with Biden on the brink Winning, the solution quest to the coronavirus crisis, recession economy and other major problems remains stronger than ever.

“We will go back to the management job,” said Zac Petkanas, a strategist for the Democratic Party. “Republicans will have a choice – whether they’ll be helpful or get in the way.”

Immediately, a COVID The bailout bill was still within reach, as a pandemic broke out across the states. McConnell said he also wants to negotiate a large spending bill to keep the government running during mid-December.

House Republicans have chosen five seats to, so far, undermine Pelosi’s plan to reach deeper into the Trump country by achieving a rare benefit with women and minority candidates. number.

Republicans beat out some of the Democrats’ freshmen, who delivered a majority in the House of Representatives in 2018 in a backlash against Trump, by linking them to liberal members. most of them, including Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and incorrectly named them all “socialist”.

“We have extended this party to reflect America, look like America,” House Minority Group Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., Said in a conference call with reporters.

Some of the new advancers will head to Washington to join House Democrats, while Republicans will see new right-wing members, including Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has endorsed baseless conspiracy theories of QAnon and won an empty seat in northwest Georgia. Trump called Greene “the future star of the Republican Party”.

While Democrats won Senate seats to be won in Colorado and Arizona, they suffered defeats in Alabama and the Republicans ran race after race – in South Carolina, Maine, Iowa, Texas. , Kansas and Montana, significantly restrict Democrats’ hopes of creating incursion.

“I know people are worried,” Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy told followers on a live video on Twitter. “We need to count the votes.”

Democrats stifled Republican pushes against John James, a Black businessman trying to topple Democratic Sen. Gary Peters, who was re-elected late on Wednesday. .

The races have drawn an unprecedented amount of small Democrats donations from Americans who appear to have voted with their pockets to promote long-term campaigns in the Senate.

“You wasted a lot of money,” White House Senator Lindsey Graham of Columbia, South Carolina, said after defeating Jamie Harrison, despite Democrats spending an amazing 100 million dollars on the new campaign. float.

However, Republican strategist Steven Law, chairman of the Senate Leadership Fund, which supports GOP senators, said prospective candidates will have to step up their own fundraising.

McConnell also warned of continued problems facing Republicans during the Trump era as voters turned their backs on the GOP.

“We need to take back the suburbs,” McConnell said. “We had a better election than most people thought we would have, but we have the improvements we need to make.”

Republicans believe Democrats are wrong to focus almost entirely on the COVID crisis and the risks to American health care as Trump and GOP try to unravel the Care Act. Affordable price for the Obama era.

They say that voters care much about the economy.

According to AP VoteCast, a national survey of voters, the voters ranked pandemic and economic the top concerns.

“The time has come to have a different approach,” said John Hickenlooper, a former governor who has hidden Republican Senator Cory Gardner in Colorado.

Most of the voters, however, are stuck with the status quo.

Ensuring a majority in the Senate will be crucial to the winner of the presidency. Senators confirm the administration’s nominations, including to the Cabinet, and could advance or delay the White House agenda. With Republicans now in control of the conference room, 53-47, three or four seats will determine the party’s control, up to the presidential winner because the vice president can break the ties in the Senate. .

The final breakdown awaits the results of races in Alaska, Georgia, and North Carolina, where Republican Senator Thom Tillis has fought against Democrat Cal Cunningham, despite his sexual scandal The challenger is married to a public relations strategist.

In Georgia, two seats are in dispute and at least one is in front of the run after no candidate has reached the 50% threshold to win.

GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler will face Democrat Raphael Warnock, a black pastor at the church where Father Martin Luther King Jr. is located. gave a lecture, in the match on January 5.

During another race in Georgia, GOP Sen. David Perdue, a former business executive whom Trump calls his favorite senator, tried to stop the Democrat Jon Ossoff. It can also go to a flow.


Associated Press writers such as Alan Fram, Mary Clare Jalonick, Matthew Daly, Andrew Taylor and Padmananda Rama contributed to this report.

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