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The Chicago Cubs asked Max Schrock not to be Cardinals St. Louis

This is a fun and random Friday night deal for the Cubs (to pair with the official decision to decline the Jon Lester option).

Today the Cubs have declared midfielder Max Schrock not exempt from the Cardinal delegation. They also appreciated the Rex Brothers reliever (he wouldn’t be in the bid then for this reason under any circumstances).

Schrock, 26, was an interesting A lead for several years – corresponding to Dan Kantrovitz’s time there, for what it was worth – before he was traded to Cardinal on the Stephen deal. Piscotty. Unfortunately for Schrock, as soon as he joined the Cardinals – and reached AAA ̵

1; he stopped hitting:

(via FanGraphs)

As you can see, he’s a really interesting profile being a bat with an extremely high exposure to super-high BABIPs throughout his small league career. However, we’ve seen it very often with these smaller, high-contact, powerless types, that when they reach AAA and / or MLB, higher quality throws and defenses do. erode BABIP and increase attack rates, at the same time more frequently challenging a guy. It looks like adjustments have been made in 2019 to try to address that, so a huge improvement in walking power and speed, but also a leap in attack rates. In process.

Obviously, the Cubs think there is something to work with here, and this is the TYPE of people they need to reach out to while out of the organization looking for a growing part in terms of the position. Of course, this is a waiver request for one reason – the big win rate is high. But hey, this year he did a great job against the Cubs at Wrigley Field …

If Schrock, a left-handed bat, can hit a little, he could be a great gadget to have around, as he can be played all over (mostly 2B / 3B, but also headers and corners if needed). Schrock has two small tournament options left, so all this move costs are the 40-man squad at the moment.

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