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The battle for a majority in the Senate made Georgia the focus

Democrats have made the announcement that they will resume a similar attack that has helped Biden beat President Donald Trump across the country, with an accusation insisting that Republicans have responded to the pandemic , refuses to expand healthcare access and is more concerned about loyalty to Trump than the common good.

“I’m a preacher,” said Warnock, 51-year-old black pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, said in an interview. “I will spread my message about health care and hope, and the ways we really need to stand together in this dark time.”


Thank you Kelly Loeffler, R-Ga. And David Perdue, R-Ga., Wait to greet President Donald Trump as he leaves Air Force One in Atlanta, September 25, 2020. (Anna Moneymaker / The New York Times)

Credit: New York Times

Credit: New York Times

And Republicans will lean on the same argument that has helped them dominate every statewide election since 2006: The argument that Democrats are too extreme for Georgia and that outside groups want drag the state into more free territory.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer unintentionally joined into that argument when, for a moment of indescribably happy joy right after Biden was declared a winner, he told a crowd of supporters. cheering, “Now we take Georgia, then we change the world!”

Within hours, the two Republicans amplified that message with warnings that Georgia “is now the last line of defense against socialism”. And the National Republican Senate Committee quickly turned the remarks into an ominous ad calling for supporters to “fight back.”

It will just sharpen. Howard Franklin, a veteran Democrat strategist, has urged the Georgians to withdraw and be ready for the onslaught of attention that comes with being “the real battlefield”.

“The Georgians have suffered a seemingly endless stream of TV and digital ads, direct mail and text messages,” he said of the booming Senate $ 200 million ads on TV waves passed Election Day. He added that “paid political outreach will continue at an even more amazing clip. “

Two races, one ticket

The stakes are very high. The Senate is locked in a 48-48 draw, according to the Associated Press election predictions. Republicans are leading the way in seat races in Alaska and North Carolina, where the votes are still being counted.

If that’s true, whichever side wins Georgia’s two seats gains control of the conference room – and the enormous power that comes with it.

Without the Democratic Senate, Biden could be relegated to executive orders and pronouncements, the same way Trump has done since Democrats took control of the House in 2018. The Communist Party Air could have veto appointments in Biden’s Cabinet and block his legislative agenda.

With the Democratic House of Representatives and the Democratic Senate, the Biden administration could hope to pass a more progressive law on a range of priorities, starting with a pledge to expand the law on voting rights but also includes an option. publicity for health insurance, new climate change restrictions and criminal justice overhaul.

Republican supporters watch the return of Democratic US Senate candidate Raphael Warnock and Republican incumbent Kelly Loeffler to the Georgia Republican election night party at a hotel in Atlanta on November 3, 2020. (Curtis Compton / Atlanta Journal-Constitution / TNS)

Credit: TNS

Credit: TNS

But for every measure Democrats call “progressive,” the Republicans respond with warnings about a radical socialist agenda, especially if the Georgia Senate seat moves to power. control of the Democratic party.

Senator Marco Rubio called Georgia a “firewall against the radical leftist agenda” on Saturday, while former first lady Michelle Obama called on her social media followers. “Vote with a larger number on the upcoming Senate vote in Georgia.”

Although the four contenders emerged from two drastically different races – one being widely divisive, the other being a regular match – now they are not tied together. subject to change. A single Perdue blow could injure Loeffler. An attack on Warnock could startle Ossoff.

And just as Republicans have embraced Schumer’s comments, Democrats are likely to tie GOP candidates to far-right Georgia politicians, including US Rep. Marjorie Taylor. Greene, who led a rally at the Georgia Capitol on Saturday wrongly claimed the election had been “stolen.”

Supporters of President Donald Trump cheered as Georgia Rep. Vernon Jones speaks as Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, newly elected congresswoman, speaks, Nov. 7, 2020, in Atlanta. (Photo AP / Mike Stewart)

Credit: Mike Stewart

Credit: Mike Stewart

Both sides have little flaws. Republicans have won every statewide vote in Georgia, since 1992, in large part because an older and less diverse voter tends to vote on issues that have the percentage of voters who cast their votes is lower. But with the control of the Senate, promoting voters from both parties will be nearly not difficult.

Democracy strategists hope the union of Warnock, a candidate of religious progress, and first time, and Ossoff, a 33-year-old Jewish investigative journalist, will present a more diverse and young electoral district than conventional voting in overtime races.

On the other hand, Republicans are relying on their candidate’s business background and conservative Christian credentials to attract GOP’s junior voters. Loeffler is the CEO of multi-millionaire financial services while Perdue is the chief executive officer of Reebok and Dollar General.

Importantly, Republican leaders also hope Governor Brian Kemp’s decision to appoint Loeffler in 2019 will be successful by attracting female voters in the rapidly changing suburbs. of Atlanta.

Democrats, in particular, hope to discourage their opponents from trying to make a broader appeal by offering Loeffler’s frequent condemnations of the Black Lives Matter movement and Perdue’s deliberate expulsion. of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

‘All eyes’ are on Georgia

If the Georgians feel attacked by all the television commercials, direct mail and automated phone calls they receive before Election Day, the next eight weeks will be even more stressful.

While the ballots were still being checked, several outside groups announced they would spend millions in Georgia, including the conservative Heritage Action network and the Lincoln Project against Trump.

Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight voting rights group has raised more than $ 3.6 million to promote Ossoff and Warnock in the two days since she posted an online video looking for sponsors. Loeffler, a former CFO, and her husband spent more than $ 31 million in their own cash on her campaign – and possibly millions more.

Eric Tanenblatt says that is just the taste of what’s to come. He ran for US Senator Paul Coverdell in 1992 in the weeks after former President Bill Clinton ran the state and won the White House.

Former US Senator Wyche Fowler (a representative of the United States at the time), left, with then-Vice President George Bush at a building award ceremony in July 1982 at the School. Morehouse medical. Archives of the Atlanta Constitution: Cheryl Bray

Like this year’s Georgia race, the Coverdell race has transformed overnight into a referendum on a new president – and as a result grabs the attention of politicians, volunteers, and Cash, of course.

“We will send staff to the Post Office with black trash bags to pick up all the checks that everyone has sent to the Campaign mailbox,” he said. “We couldn’t open the envelope fast enough.”

Senior representatives have come to support, including first lady Barbara Bush for the Republicans and President-elect Clinton for Democrats, complete with his saxophone for an event at Macon.

Many Republican volunteers flocked to the state where Operation Coverdell placed them in motels around Georgia and told them to stay on duty. National reporters moved to Georgia for weeks.

“I’ve got someone calling me,” said Tanenblatt. “All eyes will be on Georgia.”

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