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The 2022 Volkswagen Golf R comes with a manual transmission

The image of this little green guy leaning to one side, out of the corner, all four wheels spinning to hold the road.


Volkswagen has doubled over one more complete SUVs and do big investment in electric cars to the end, and both developments are considered core to its financial future. Even so, it̵

7;s delighted to see that the automaker isn’t willing to give up on its main target of driving enthusiasts. Latest evidence? This Volkswagen Golf R. 2022 will return to showrooms later next year after a hiatus, this blue car (no, it’s not that) will bring 315 hp for the hot-hatch party with all-wheel drive. Furthermore, VW is going against the industry trend by pledging to offer manual transmissions in the US and Canada (a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission will be optional). Did I mention there’s a new Drift mode?

Volkswagen says the new hatchback will not only accelerate to 62 mph in 4.7 seconds on the road to a top speed of 155 km / h, but also have the ability to overtake the legendary German Nurburgring 17 seconds faster. compared with its predecessor. (In motor racing, a few seconds is a considerable distance.) And while we firmly believe that ‘The lap record has become unnecessarily honored in car culture, the gulf is a big gap. Between the time this new Mk8 Golf R and its predecessor sounded it. That Golf Bay points to a significant improvement not only in power, but also in agility. In fact, as Karsten Schebsdat, Golf R’s head of dynamics, said during a teleconference earlier this week, “We can certainly say that [the Golf R’s] One of the biggest performance leaps we’ve ever made from generation to generation. “That’s good news.

2022 Golf R 2022 Specifications and Mechanical Changes

Equally good news is that VW is clearly focused on making the Golf R 2022 more enjoyable to drive. Historically, while the Golf R is notorious for being more powerful and slick than its cheaper price tag GTI siblings, it’s also often seen as less challenging and, ultimately, less enjoyable as a driver’s car. Thanks to a new rear differential, an electronic lock, torque, an updated adaptive damping and a new Dynamic Management System (VDM) controller that brings it all together, The German automaker says it has tweaked this new Golf R to be both sharper and more vibrant. With a faster variable ratio steering power setting and rear differential that routes up to 100% of available torque to both axes as standard equipment, the Golf R’s handling is given. is both neutral and more sensitive, but the evidence will be during driving.

At the heart of this high-performance issue is a modified version of VW’s evergreen turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder EA888 engine. In addition to that 315 hp, this engine offers 310 pound-feet of torque (27 and 30 increments, respectively). By comparison, those output figures are best at 306 hp and 295 lb.-ft. of the Honda Civic Type R 2021 as well as a capacity of 310 hp and 290 lb.-ft. That said, despite the Nordschleife’s 7:51 time on Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires is impressive for this new VW, it’s worth noting that the timing is still there. quite far from the front-wheel drive Honda Civic Type, which took the action in 7:43:08. Furthermore, North American models won’t even be offered with Bibendum’s super-adhesive rubber. Instead, American and Canadian models will be fitted with one of the following tires: Bridgestone Potenza S005, Goodyear Eagle F1 Super Sport or Hankook Ventus S1 Evo 3.

The interior boasts a major infotainment upgrade. That small gear selector is for an optional dual-clutch transmission.


The Golf R comes with a variety of driving mode settings, including Sport, Comfort and Racing (the car always defaults to Sport mode when it starts up). These options include everything from throttle mapping and shift scheduling to steering weights and instantaneousness, as well as damper adjustments, differential lock behavior, and cluster layout. odometer and even car audio interior and exterior. New to this generation are a pair of unusual sub-modes, Special and Drift. The old version replicates the ideal tuning chosen for the Nurburgring, and choosing this option displays the Nordschleife contour while softening the dampers and reprogramming the VDM to increase side time. The second mode is a dedicated setting designed for maximum tilt action. VW officials say the function isn’t being used on public roads, and in fact the infotainment system will display a confirmation prompt before activating this flames-fun setup.

With the extra power, VW sees the need for extra brakes, so the 14.1 x 1.3-inch front rotors (of the Mk7 Golf R are 13.4 x 1.2 inches) gripped. by two-piston aluminum clamp. A specific R main cylinder provides proper braking response and feel. The suspension has also been tweaked, with front McPherson struts featuring a stiffer and lighter aluminum subframe, firmer stabilizer and spring ratio (up 10%) and more camber. At the rear, the multi-link setup features repositioned controls and revised wheel racks, as well as 10% stiffer springs and stabilizers, among other changes.

Nappa leather support seats have a blue logo.


2022 Golf R appears

In terms of imaging, the Golf R 2022 continues VW’s tradition of turning this model into a low-performance model. You won’t find any towering wings or colorful ground effects sets – VW is happy to leave such things to the Type R and WRX STI of the world. In fact, the Golf R looks a lot like the new GTI (so it looks a lot like the previous GTI). You can spot this model on the street by its subtle blue horizontal grille, located above the iconic front bumper of the R-series with a built-in splitter and larger air intakes. A quick glance at the R profile reveals a satin silver mirror lid, model-specific 19-inch wheels and brake calipers painted in blue. At the rear, there is a new rear spoiler and a unique rear bumper with twin exhausts incorporating a glossy black diffuser. VW says that the new interface reduces lift at both ends for better responsiveness and stability while increasing traction.

The inside of the Golf R has once again evolved through revolutions, but there are significant changes, including a reconfigurable digital meter cluster and a touchscreen infotainment system. Discover Pro 10 inch. Sports seats in nappa leather with matching blue stitching are standard, as are sports wheels that maintain new haptic touch controls common on other Mk8 Golf models. Carbon imitation trim as well as brushed finish stainless steel pedals are also standard. It is all quite handsome and quite delicate.

By the end of 2021.


Golf R 2022 price, availability and fuel economy

It’s too early to know about pricing or fuel efficiency, though VW is announcing that the new Golf R’s significantly increased performance and content will drive the price up. (For its most recent model year in the US, the 2019 Golf R has a starting price of just over $ 40,000.)

The most frustrating part of all of this? Availability. Designating those five 2022 models may have surprised you: It’s going to be a while before you see one of these new Golf Rs on the streets of North America – only a year from now. On the positive side, VW officials told the Roadshow that the new Mk8 Golf R and GTI models will hit the market more or less at the same time. Normally, American and Canadian buyers had to wait quite a long time between these two models. On the negative side, the US was once the biggest selling market for GTI and Golf R, so this wait is a particularly bitter pill to swallow as Europeans will soon have a chance to own both. this model.

Additionally, this stretched race also upsets the waters a bit of where the Golf R could line up with rivals when it finally launches in 2021. We expect to see a new WRX and Its higher-performance STI derivative next year, and the second engine is said to get more than 400 horsepower. It is possible that this high-powered Subaru could hit the market at the same time as VW’s new Golf RO. With new high-performance sports clutches on the market, enthusiasts will be the winner.

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