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“That Mother *** er Stopped Me” – Devin Haney reveals why he couldn’t beat Yuriorkis Gamboa

Devin Haney sent a warning to the light division after he defeated Yuriorkis Gamboa through a unanimous decision. The two face off against each other, with Haney defending her light WBC title against the 38-year-old directly on DAZN. Haney says this is just a stepping stone, and much more will happen; He wants to make all the big battles happen.

Speaking to Fighthype.com on YouTube shortly after the match, Haney explained why he didn’t win the knockout for the first time. He say, “Yea, I want to defeat him. I knew he was tough and he would try to survive, but… I thought I could get him out of there but that mother stopped me. “

The 21-year-old unbeaten also admitted that he wanted the knockout to make a statement. “I want to beat. The key is to win the knockout. But like I said, it’s just a stepping stone. It was a good experience for me, but the battles I wanted were big ones; You know, what it is like. “

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Devin Haney talks about the light division and his next battles.

Gamboa’s powers do not impress Haney, who has stated that he feels nothing. He say, “Honestly, surprisingly, he didn’t punch hard at all. I thought he would have some power ”. This showed that he had not been tested to the extent that he could.

He then gave his opinion on Ryan Garcia and the light division. He say, “Ryan Garcia didn’t show that he wanted to fight me, you know. He said that it wasn’t really a fight he was looking for. Games where I’m really looking for trophies.

He continued to speak, “If a fight with Ryan Garcia happens, it will happen. But I am looking forward to those with titles. I want to fight… I want to win all the belts. “

This is good news for combat fans. First Teofimo Lopez said he wanted to fight Haney, now Haney says he wants to fight big. It makes a perfect situation for all parties. Hopefully, the business side of things can be unified and we could see one of these ‘big’ wars soon, not later.

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