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Tesla’s $ 40 million loan has continued to light up and what it teaches us all

Often times, many of us forget to look around and realize how lucky we are to have what we have. In a time when the tensions are relatively high based on the current election, a pandemic and a string of bad luck that we all seem to have endured throughout 2020, there are a few good moments that allow we look back and realize how grateful we should be, even when things don’t look very promising.

A perfect example of this came out earlier this week on Nov. 3. On that day, just twelve years ago, we were reminded that Tesla secured a $ 40 million loan to Maintain clarity and give a small automaker with a low chance of success. It’s “the last hour of the last possible day,” CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter. “We have 3 days left to go bankrupt.”


The story of the near doom destruction of Musk and Tesla 12 years ago holds a lot of points. To me, it reminds me of an old saying, “It’s not over until the fat lady sings.” It’s funny though it’s true, and it shows that anything can happen while there’s still time.

Musk and Tesla are trying to build an auto company during arguably the most challenging times for American cars in the country’s history. Many companies are looking for government help to keep their doors open, jobs are disappearing, and the once-hit American economy was paralyzed by the 2008 Financial Crisis.

Not only is this one of the financial worst times when it comes to starting an auto company, but Tesla isn’t also aiming to build a car that runs on gasoline. It wants to completely change the tone of a car in the United States. Battery-powered vehicles are not popular and are also not widely accepted. They are the dreams of many people, but no one ever thought that they would become a successful source of passenger transportation in such a short time.

Yes, everyone except Elon Musk and his team of engineers at Tesla.

Musk admits the difficulties in the beginning. “It was very difficult to raise capital for an electric car startup (which was considered super odd at the time), while big companies like GM & Chrysler were about to go bankrupt,” he added to the tweet. her about the situation. And while struggling to keep Tesla growing, Musk concluded that the only way would be to put his last money into the failing company. “I gave up my last money, although I thought we would still fail. But, that’s either a certain death for Tesla. “

Fast-forward a few years to 2017. Tesla is doing well, but it’s working to ramp up efforts to mass-produce the Model 3. Ultimately, an EV might fit the budgets of many people worldwide, Tesla has worked to create powerful car battery with good performance and acceptable range ratings. But it wasn’t easy, and it nearly led to bankruptcy.

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When asked about the Model 3 ramp, Musk said that Tesla was “about a month away” from going bankrupt again. “The Model 3 ramp is extremely stressful and painful for a long time – from mid-2017 to mid-2019. Manufacturing and logistics hell,” added Musk.

A few years to come: let’s look at 2020.

Tesla is the most valuable car company in the world. It recorded five consecutive profitable quarters. It had the most deliveries and production volumes in a quarter ever. It is building more Gigafactories.

Most importantly, Tesla is having an influence on the auto industry. Companies that have never believed electric vehicles are being forced to develop them. If not, they will fall behind.

Through all the difficult times and adversities that Tesla has to face, it always goes through. A competitor incapable of entering the market with new technology in a time when companies are always trying to keep the door open by all means necessary, Tesla somehow survives.

In a time when the country is almost equally divided about who it wants to run the United States with over the next four years, conflicting opinions about the global pandemic are voiced regularly and other social issues are spoken of. Every day, it’s important to remember stories like these. With a near-negative chance of winning, Tesla somehow got through it on two separate occasions. Patience, hard work, and a little bit of luck have made it impossible for the car company to go from deep in Chapter 11 into the car industry superstar.

If this is the only positive bit you read this week, I really hope it will help you realize how grateful you should be in the grand scheme of things. Sometimes the cards are not in your favor and you have a few answers that make you wonder if you are doing the right thing or not. Dark times are certainly very difficult, but without darkness, light will make no sense to us.

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