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Tesla may not have a ‘Chef’, but at least its food isn’t that appealing

Most of us have cooked a meal for someone else at some point. If you do a great job preparing a meal, someone might say, “You should be a Chef.” Whether it’s your hobby for free or you’ve spent years at a culinary academy, cooking is one of the rare things in life that everyone experiences at one time or another. It could be a steak roast on the stove or a steak steak with a slice of foie gras. Whatever it is, you did it to your liking and you often thought you did well.

However, the title “Chef” does not imply that someone is good at cooking. Some people study everything for a few years, and unfortunately they don’t have a knack for it. Most of us go to fine dining restaurants at some point in our lives, and we are mentally prepared to commit to and make ourselves vulnerable to cooking jobs. bake by whoever commanded the kitchen that evening. But sometimes, the dish is simply not to our liking, and you tell yourself, “How can this person be considered a Chef?”


Toyota seems to forget that “Chef” doesn’t mean you can cook. In this case, being the head of an auto company doesn’t mean you’re creative, good for the job, or even right for the job.

However, Akio Toyoda, the President of Toyota, runs his grandfather’s business and is bold enough to stoned Tesla and Elon Musk.

Toyota executives try to be Tesla and fail: ‘They don’t really create something real.’

“We are losing when it comes to stock prices. But when it comes to products, we have a full menu that will be chosen by the customer, ”Toyoda said. “They don’t really make something real, people are just buying recipes. We have a kitchen and a chef, and we make real food. ”

As if comparing cooking with cars isn’t confusing enough, Toyoda actually thinks Tesla is inferior to its company, even though it doesn’t have a pure EV in its lineup. They have an EV that combines Plug-In with Prius PHEV. However, the company has not made any pure EVs as it believes hybrids are “a better bridge between ICE and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles”, according to a 2019 article from Vehicle and Drive.

Even Toyoda’s apparent attempt to derail and discredit Tesla’s automotive dominance through 2020 is very weak.

Tonight’s dinner will be prepared by Chef Elon Musk

Elon Musk probably doesn’t cook for his family very often. He’s spending his hours awake trying to figure out what moves will take Tesla to new heights. He might not have time to prepare a full dinner for his kids or his partner, Grimes.

Instead, Musk focuses entirely on Tesla. Because of his official obsession with “accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy,” Musk often says that Tesla’s real competitors are those who refuse to adapt to electrification. organizations, not entities that are embracing the EV revolution, such as Volkswagen. . Even so, Musk is still not trying to attack CEOs or presidents of auto companies who aren’t willing to build an EV or their team for that matter. Instead, his efforts are to solve manufacturing problems, make cars more affordable and ensure his customers that his product works happily.

Code Volkswagen.3. (Credit: Volkswagen)


Toyota used to have an electric car: the RAV4 EV, but it was discontinued in 2014, according to its website. However, the brand has stated that it will produce six new electric vehicle models that will be launched within the next five years, citing “global demand” as the reason for adopting sustainable transport. However, the reveal of the three strangely similar vehicles with the Smart Car is not exactly what the consumer has planned. As a result, the company will begin to lag behind the US, Europe and China: three locations with insurmountable demand for electricity transport. They will likely enter China before any other market.

The problem is, Toyota doesn’t seem to have plans to switch to an all-electric vehicle. Perhaps this was what Toyoda meant by “we have a full menu.”

Like fiery and passionate Gordon Ramsay, some chefs will say that having a “full menu” is not necessarily a good thing. Concentrating and focusing on a culinary style is an advantage not only for the chef but also for the customer.

The car is no different. Trying to build a line of ICE cars, PHEVs, hybrids, EVs, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles would have Toyota in a scenario where they are trying to balance various sources of energy. If Toyota plans to strike each sub-category of a car with 5-7 models, then there are a lot of different strategies going on and it can get confusing. Floyd Mayweather used this to insult SportsCenter manager Brian Kenny, saying he was “a Man with many characteristics, but a Master of Nothing.”

It can be easier to focus on one car model, maybe two. Not the year, Toyota.

Main course

Tesla and Toyota have a long track record of success. While Toyota was older and more reputable than Tesla, just because it lasted longer, Tesla influenced an entire industry transition from what it was used to. Many car companies focus on creating fast, efficient, and affordable passenger cars that run on fossil fuel. Now that Tesla comes out and proves that electric cars are fun, affordable, and good for the environment, big brands like Ford and Volkswagen are committed to future electrification. While some have more ambitious plans than others, there’s nothing wrong with taking your time. As long as a company plans to convert gas and diesel engines to electric vehicles, that company will get support from sustainability advocates.


Unlike most desserts, this one won’t be very sweet.

Elon Musk heard that the head of one of the world’s biggest carmakers stoned Tesla. “They want to see you do well, but never better than them” comes to mind here. At one point, Toyoda may have been hoping Tesla could showcase an EV that would give the company some inspiration. In fact, as a company, Toyota may want someone else to get into the electric vehicle business so they can learn from other people’s mistakes. However, Tesla made a lot of mistakes, but its resilience, highlighted by Elon Musk in a series of Tweets earlier this week, has made it the world’s most valuable car company.

Who is number 2? Toyota.

Please check.

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