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TCL’s new $ 650 6-series 4K TV has Mini-LED backlighting and 120Hz gaming support

TCL has introduced its new 5 and 6 series mid-range 4K TVs for 2020. Like previous years, they pack a lot of value, with a nice design, four HDMI ports and built-in Roku software that can eliminates the need to purchase streaming equipment. More importantly, they also fully support the HDR standards, so you won’t be left out in the next HDR-enabled Super Bowl game, whenever available. It has what TCL calls the “HDR Pro Package”, with support for Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG. What catches your attention the most, though, is that the premium features, like the high-contrast QLED display and precise Mini-LED backlighting, have come down to a much more affordable and affordable price point.

At the low end, the 50-inch 5-series TV (50S535 model) costs $ 400 and has a QLED display, a 60Hz refresh rate panel, and 40 local dimming zones. Definitely not the option you want if you crave the most cinematic experience or a suitable option for fast-paced gaming, but the $ 400 QLED TV? Great. TCL’s new 5-series is also available in the $ 450 55-inch model and the $ 630 worth of 65-inch model, each with a slight increase in the local dimming zone to 48 and 56, respectively. .

New 6-series model.
Image: TCL

TCL’s new 6-series also has a QLED, but more notably, it features a Mini-LED backlight, one of the main selling points of the high-end 8-series model from last year that rarely dropped below $ 1,000. With the Mini-LED backlight, there’s a significant increase in the local dimming zones, so you won’t notice showy parts of the screen as much when you’re watching something dark and atmospheric. What’s more, each 6-series TV supports variable refresh rates with support up to 120Hz, which you’ll want if you plan on connecting a PS5 or Xbox Series X when they launch later this year.

Finally, TCL says the 6-series is the first TV to feature THX-certified Game Mode, which promises to delight gamers “without any compromise on ultra-low latency gaming. “. This model starts at $ 650 for the 55-inch version, goes up to $ 900 for the 65-inch TV, and ultimately $ 1,400 for the largest 75-inch model.

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