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Syngin Colchester asks Tania Maduro not to ‘Nag’ him in South Africa

On Fiancé in 90 days: Happy foreverSyngin Colchester finally decided to return to South Africa to meet with her brother, Dylan, who had just suffered a serious health crisis. He decided to take his wife, Tania Maduro, along on the trip, but he also asked her not to “nag” him while they were in South Africa during an argument before they arrived.

Syngin decided to go to South Africa to see her brother

Syngin Colchester and Tania Maduro
Syngin Colchester and Tania Maduro | syngin_colchester via Instagram

While Syngin was in the United States, he learned that his brother, Dylan, had been hospitalized for a blood clot. It turned out that Dylan fell to his knees, and a few days later, he had a hematoma in his lungs. Thankfully he has gotten a lot better and is recovering, but it’s a terrifying challenge for the whole family. Syngin knows he needs to go home and be with his family.

When Syngin first came to the United States, his grandmother passed away and he was unable to return to offer condolences with his family. That is what he regrets about, and it further made him determined to return to South Africa to see his brother. Syngin asked Tania’s wife to accompany him back home, and he couldn’t be happier when he returned.

Syngin and Tania go to a hotel, and they fight

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Syngin and Tania left Colchester, CT for New York, because that’s where they flew to South Africa in the morning. They got in the car and started arguing. Tania asked Syngin if he was excited to go home, and Syngin said, “I’m looking forward to warm weather, good friends, family and drinks.” This comment is reminiscent of the past, as Tania was concerned about Syngin drinking.

“It would be a crazy and overwhelming experience to be there,” Syngin said, clearly positive about the trip.

Tania then commented on drinking alcohol. “Can be drunk from 8am until you pass out,” Tania said as she smiled. Syngin said they didn’t drink at 8am, so Tania made another remark, “10am?”

Syngin didn’t want her wife to worry about all that. “I don’t even know why you have to come up with that,” Syngin told his wife. “I don’t want you to stress or anything and I also want you to relax and not worry too much about me, my actions or what’s going on.”

Tania tells him that his actions have a direct impact on her. She was clearly “worried” about what might happen when they returned to Syngin’s home. She didn’t feel like Syngin was listening to her, and obviously this argument could change the whole mood of the trip.

“I’m concerned that once Syngin and his friends meet, they’ll drink a lot,” Tania told the camera. “It was so much that he thought he and his friends might be the only ones in the bar and sometimes it could get on top, and I couldn’t take it for that long. So that’s why I feel like I’m not being heard. Or if I am being heard, I am not being taken seriously enough. “

Syngin asked Tania not to “nag” him in South Africa

Syngin then asked Tania not to “nag” him when they arrived in South Africa. “I just asked you again, don’t nag me in South Africa,” Syngin told Tania.

Syngin doesn’t want to be controlled or told what to do, especially when he’s just visiting his friends and family. He wants to have a good time and not worry about what his wife is thinking when it comes to his actions.

“There are many aspects where I still struggle with myself where I think Tania might be trying to control me and I will react violently, such as telling me too much to do this and It’s like this, let me do it. *** alone. She sees it as a way for her to know and get better, so sometimes, it feels frustrating, ”Syngin said.

Syngin says he wants a balance, and it looks like the ride is off to a bad start. We’ll see how the rest of the trip plays out when Syngin and Tania are in South Africa. Looks like there will be problems in the future.

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