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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character features in Attack Ads

Super Smash Bros. Character Terry Bogard, who came to the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite games after it was released in 2018 as a DLC character, is at the center of a new controversy regarding SNK and a controversial ad performed by one of its licensing partners. Advertising – which has gone viral on social media and game forums – for a mobile game called SNK Allstar. And while the promotion was not done by SNK, the company apologized for its indirect involvement.

The ad itself features a scene of Terry Bogard riding three female SNK characters on his motorcycle, patting their ass as he walks past. Of course, this itself matters for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it doesn̵

7;t represent the character. However, what makes the offense even worse is that one of the female characters is often portrayed as a teenager.

Below, you can see the ad for yourself:

According to SNK, it is not only not involved in advertising creation but also unaware of its existence. However, they did apologize and noted that they have also issued a complaint about the ad and are looking to remove it immediately.

“We sincerely apologize to the fans that such an insulting ad tried to be released publicly and hope for your understanding,” SNK said. “We will try to do better in the future together with our partners.”

At the time of publishing, Nintendo has not commented on the ad and it is likely that it will not. While the character is in Super Smash Bros.This ad is far enough away to dismiss the game and Nintendo that the company probably won’t comment on the controversy. However, if so, we will be sure to update the story with whatever is offered.

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