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Summary of Part 2 of The Mandalorian Season 2: Baby Yoda, Mando takes a creepy detour


Baby Yoda is still curious as always in episode 2 of The Mandalorian season 2.


Mandalorian season 2 continues Disney Plus Friday, after last week Great opening season by giving mando and Baby Yoda in another adventure in episode 2. Something more creepy, more frightening, and frogs-like.

Chapter 10, titled The Passenger, is a dual award in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as it is directed by Peyton Reed, the man behind Ant-Man and its sequeland is written by program creator Jon Favreau, who directed it Iron Mans 1 and 2.

From here on, let’s jump into SPOILERS. I hope you remember last season big jailbreak, because this set includes a series of commands that call back that.


Meet Frog Lady

Return to Mos Eisley after receiving it Boba Fett’s armor, Mando meets mechanic Peli Motto (Amy Sedaris) in Chalmun’s Cantina and know that there is a secret Mandalorian on a world nearby. Mando needs to find other Mandos so they can reunite him with Baby Yoda (whom Disney will be prefer we called the Child, but it was a tough trade) with our fellow human beings.

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Check this out:

Galaxy’s Edge from every angle: We bring you along …


We know that the mysterious contact’s husband saw the Mandalorians on the moon Trask, but she needs to get there without going to super space as doing so would kill her eggs. So they’re on a slow, light journey.

Also, the contact is an amphibian species named Frog Lady. A really brilliant name, I’m sure you’ll agree. She is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker (who played all the cloned army in The clone warand was performed by Misty Rosas (who played the role of Kuiil in season 1, REST IN PEACE).


Mando has a nasty clash with some of the New Republic X-Wing pilots.


Locks S-foils in attack position

Trapper Wolf, one of the New Republic’s X-Wing pilots chasing Mando, show last season and played by Dave Filoni. This Star Wars legend is known for being a wolf lover and director two episode of the show last season. He’s also the one behind The clone war, Rebels and Resistance.

The other pilot, Captain Carson Teva, was played by Paul Sun-Hyung Lee from Kim’s Convenience. This is his first Star Wars role.

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The New Republic clearly has an arrest warrant for Mando for his help Break a criminal out of prison. That seems fair enough.

When the pilots rescued Mando and Razor Crest in the latter part of the episode, we learn that he left the other mercenaries in prison and tried to save a New Republican officer, as so they let him go (love that karma!). However, that wasn’t enough for the pilots to help repair the Razor Crest.



Lucasfilm / Screenshot by Sean Keane / CNET

Scare of spiders

This episode may contain a trigger warning for those who get sexually amused when they see spiders. After the Razor Crest crash spectacularly landed in an icy, desolate world, Baby Yoda unknowingly awakened a bunch of terrifying spider creatures. It’s a bit like Alien, except that the green guy eats a baby spider. Delicious?

The spiders may remind you of the Krykna seen in Rebels (or even wyyyschokk from Jedi: The order to fall), but Lucasfilm’s creative arts director Phil Szostak confirms that they are a different species inspired by the same Ralph McQuarrie design. Szostak regularly shares Star Wars details on Twitter, so I highly recommend fans to follow him.

On the road again

After getting rid of the spiders, Mando tried to get the Razor Crest up and run sparingly – he had the engine running, but was unable to repair the sinking hull. So he, Baby Yoda, Frog Lady and her eggs are all trapped in the cockpit as the ship soars through space.

I am very worried.


Mando is wearing the armor of Baba Yoda and Boba Fett – everything a Star Wars fan needs.


Baby Yoda

The guy is more playful in this episode and has a few lovely moments.

  • We hear him growl as Mando uses his jet set to kill the goon on Tatooine.
  • He can’t stop eating Frog Lady eggs, and he obviously shouldn’t. To be fair, they look delicious
  • He and Mando share a bedroom – Mando is on the main bunk bed, with the little guy in a cute hammock above. What’s the matter, roomie?
  • Frog-Lady hugged her egg tightly before going to bed, but he swallowed one he’d grabbed earlier.


  • Mando’s jet is pretty awesome – he uses it to save himself from a nasty fall after his speed bike crashes, then remotely detonates a goon into the air first when landing lightly.
  • Peli introduces Mando to the wonderful Dr. Mandible, who is basically the Giant Ant. Perhaps this is the nod of director Ant-Man, Peyton Reed and giant pet ants seen in those movies.
  • Peli and Dr. Mandible were playing the sabacc when Mando arrived – she has Idiot’s Array, a rare hand mentioned in Fighting.
  • Rodents seem to like their meat to be overcooked (in case you’ve ever cooked). Peli yells at her Treadwell repair droid not to overcook the Krayt dragon meat Mando brings.
  • Droid is cooking meat using pod racer engine – a reference to Ronto Roaster restaurant in Galaxy’s Edge.
  • We rarely see a language barrier during Star Wars there is often a protocol around for translation. Mando is not wild about droid, so he has difficulty communicating with Frog Lady.
  • The droid she fixes to talk to Mando is a rather annoying Q9-0, also known as Zero (Richard Ayoade). He was almost killed Baby Yoda last season, but Frog Lady used only her translation function. Hopefully he won’t reactivate and kill them all.
  • Frog Lady becomes more frogs as they run away from spiders, bound like her real-world friends.

Join us next Friday for more Easter eggs and observations Chap 3 The Mandalorian season 2 hit Disney Plus.

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