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Stylish, breathable, washable Everlane mask

The more I wear the mask, the more it becomes part of the way I think. Not only am I looking for one that’s comfortable and one that’s made well, I’m on the hunt for something stylish. The mask needs to work fine, but should also go with whatever I’m wearing. Thankfully, one of our favorite brands has created a mask that is not only functional, but also stylish.

Everlane’s 100% Human Face Mask is one of my favorite masks. 10% of all profits go to the ACLU and as of the time of this writing, Everlane has donated more than $ 600,000 through this program. Each reusable mask comes in a pack of 5. They are made of double knit fabric and cotton-Lycra ear rings that feel comfortable on the ears. There are three different color options ̵

1; an all-black pack, an assortment of gray and green, and my personal preference, a tie dye pack. I think tie-dyed masks are great for summer, looking extremely unique and stylish without being too flashy. All masks are machine washable, making it very convenient. First I can tell you, not only do they feel comfortable on my face, but I also feel their style.

To me, masks are like good t-shirts: you can never have too much. Thankfully, Everlane makes a great mask worth choosing (and their t-shirts aren’t half bad either).

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