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‘Stay in yourself’ & ‘Don’t press’

Drew Lock is playing his worst match as a pro gamer. In the Denver Broncos 43-16 defeat to Captain Kansas City, Lock struggled in the cold and snow. In his ninth NFL kick-off and the entire eighth as the starter, Lock looked frightened and confused, leading to some tendencies to retreat and two interceptions, one of which was choose six.

After the match, Lock was determined to learn from his poor performance against the Chiefs and improve but by that time many people in the Broncos Country pressed the panic button and dashed off the Lock as soon as they jumped on board. . As the Broncos starting midfielder, he has certainly received a ton of criticism that has since come from local and national media.

Now, especially for fans, it feels like Week 7 has summed up everything that Lock is and will be. As for Broncos GM John Elway, he is considering Lock̵

7;s foresight and performance as a midfielder of Hall-of-Fame, who has played 16 years in the NFL itself.

While Elway was certainly disappointed to see Lock get stuck in an important AFC West game, he realized that Sunday’s defeat should be seen as a great learning experience for Lock and his teammates. His youth can flourish from there.

“It’s always tough, when you’re so frustrated, knowing that we’re against defending World Champion Champs, a great team, and knowing it’s been a big game for us, “Elway told Phil Milani of the team. website. “I thought it would be a good learning experience in how you handle big games. The fact is that you still have to go in and be in yourself, get through your process and let things happen, okay? It would be a good learning experience for Drew, as well as for our team, and to realize that we can’t make the mistakes we made. better [on] Special teams and we can’t make a mistake when attacking, even though we played defensively well. It was just a good learning experience for us, as did Drew. “

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Lock is obviously uncomfortable against the Chiefs, although the Broncos’ attack line is mainly a defense. Whether Lock’s slyness is due to snow, the pressure of the moment, the importance of his opponent, or simply a bad day at the office, he often breaks his pocket early, doesn’t stand firm, leading to more off-target shots and several long third throwdowns.

Elway was there. GM has adopted a sort of ‘gain some, lose some’ philosophy when evaluating Lock’s performance in the pocket, at least in part, that things sometimes happen for a young midfielder when he puts too much play and self-seeking. pressing.

“I think that’s a matter of course,” said Elway. “Sometimes you get a better feeling than other times when to move and when not to move. Sometimes you move a little too early. There are days when you feel like something might not be there. It just – it happens. The important thing is, when you’re into a game like the Kansas City game, a big game, not hit and go and be in yourself, stay in your progress, and then if you get pressured, or you’ll either blush or do those things, then you go out and try to act.

“But what’s important in big games is in ourselves and I think it will be a good learning experience for us.”

Last week was an unfortunate test for the Broncos on how this young, fresh roster fared against the new Leaders. Obviously, the Broncos failed badly, badly.

This week it was another AFC West gauge but it was more focused and nuanced with Lock versus QB Justin Herbert of Los Angeles Chargers. Herbert carried a tsunami and was an Oregon midfielder, whom Elway had watched and purposefully enjoyed.

If Herbert came out after his junior year on the 2019 draft, he could have ended up in Orange and Blue. But he chose to stay in school and return to his senior year, while Elway finished drafting Lock with a 42 pick in the second round.

Elway noticed how well Herbert has played as a rookie so far and credits the talents of QB and Chargers’s coaching staff for his early success. Perhaps Broncos’s attack coordinator, Pat Shurmur could take comments from Chargers’ OC Shane Steichen, who created his plan to match Herbert’s strengths and highlight what he does. do the best.

“He’s a very talented midfielder and he has done a really good job,” Elway said of Herbert. “He’s made a good transition. They’ve done a great job of their own, Chargers have, fairly, take care of him and put him in situations where he feels comfortable. roof, and [with] what they are doing insulting … He’s going to be a very good midfielder in this tournament. He’s got all the talent, he can move around, he’s big, he’s athletic, big arms, so we have a terrible division with midfielders that we have in our department. “

Without a doubt, given how well Derek Carr is playing for the Las Vegas Raiders, it seems Broncos’s rivals at AFC West have all the answers to being the most important place on the pitch while, from Looking outside, Elway and company are still groping their searches. Internally, however, the Broncos remain committed to Lock (at least for this year) and are focused on helping him navigate the potholes he finds himself currently in.

Elway took personal interest in Lock’s young career, going above and beyond the usual role of a general manager. The two have a relationship that extends to the Dove Valley hall.

Just last week, Lock talked about how he relied heavily on Elway for advice and direction, revealing that he will meet GM after every game.

“That was great for me,” said Lock on October 21 about having Elway on the board. “I think it’s one of my favorite parts to be able to come after the game and talk to him, just listen to what he says. Having said that, what he feels I can do better, what he thinks I’ve done well, and things to expect and do better next week. Whenever you have such a guy in your corner, that’s a huge help. And when I say after the game, it’s right after the game. “

Elway and Lock hash out the game – win, lose or draw – while the nerves are still intact and fresh.

“Me and him are going to talk soon,” Lock said of Elway. “Emotions come, it’s a very real moment for both of us, and it’s great to have feedback and chat right after the game.”

While everyone outside of Broncos HQ seemed frightened, Elway, at least listening to what he said and the tone of the way he said it, Lock was much more relaxed too. GM is not satisfied with being blown away by the Team Leaders but he realizes that even in the modern NFL, where young QBs are lighting up the tournament and are expected to grow very quickly, there will be difficulties. increasing for Lock.

It will be interesting to see if Lock can turn things around and come back from that bad Week 7 show and bring himself and the Broncos back to their normal form and competitive form. Worst of all, the boy got the next 10 games as an audition to allay any concerns Elway might have privately and prove that not only could he stay relegated in this tournament but still thriving.

Lock has proven through nine starts that he has NFL talent. But the chronology of NFL history is littered with the bones of well-drawn midfielders who have all the talents in the world, but for whatever reason, unable to figure out how to make it all. both work in the league and figure out some staying power.

At the end of last season, Elway’s post on the Broncos states that the team has finally “bottomed out” and is trending up largely due to Lock’s impact at the start, going down 4-1. It causes Elway to invest both free and draft resources in building a nest around Lock for 2020 and beyond.

If anything, Elway’s comment on Week 8 revealed that the Broncos are still far from firmly determining that Lock isn’t the guy. However, the flip side of that coin is that Lock has yet to conclusively prove that he is.

There is a scratch. For now, let’s say Elway and Broncos are open to both possibilities but remain committed to finding a firmer answer about Lock with what’s left of the 2020 season.

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