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Stadia 2.42 is preparing to add a State Share for shooting, and more

Since its first launch, Google has advertised that Stadia can enable features that are not possible on non-cloud platforms. One of those features, State Share, is expanded by being integrated directly into Stadia’s screen capture and video capabilities.

Introducing APK Insight: In this ‘APK insights’ post, we decompiled the latest version of the app that Google uploaded to the Play Store. As we decompile these files (known as APKs, in the case of an Android app), we might see various lines of code in that suggestion about possible future features. Remember that Google may or may never provide these features and our interpretation of what they may not be perfect. However, we will try to activate the upcoming products to show you what they will look like in the event they ship. With that in mind, read on.

Share status in screenshot

On today̵

7;s Stadia, you can use the official Stadia controller to capture full-quality screenshots and videos on the server side instead of recording your stream, which would have more compression artifacts. Right now, the only way to share those photos is to download them from the Stadia web app, but a more direct way of sharing these photos has been quietly working for a while.

In the Android 2.42 version of Stadia, we found that Google has figured out how to connect a State Share – a feature that lets you jump to a specific location in a Stadia game – directly into screenshots and videos filmed by Stadia.

This capture contains a game state

To play or share your game status, open this capture at stadia.com on your computer

View detailed game status

Includes game state

To include your status when sharing, open the photo on your computer at stadia.com

It’s too early to say exactly how the game uses this ability, but using Crayta – a Stadia-exclusive way to create games and play games that others have created and now, games / apps Only State Share support – as a basis, we imagine that if you take screenshots or videos of a particular game in Crayta, such as Prop Hunt, someone then sees that photo. can use the State Share link to go directly to Prop Hunt on Crayta.

This is just one of the many ways that Google is working to improve capture, as Stadia 2.36 has shown that it is possible to include your voice in recorded video clips.

Instructions for setting up third-party controllers

Currently, in the Stadia Android app, the control button in the upper right corner is dedicated to initializing a new Stadia Controller to your network or pairing it with your phone. With Stadia 2.42, it looks like Google is preparing a detailed connectivity guide to make it easier to play Stadia on Android with an Xbox or PlayStation controller.

Specifically, Stadia includes instructions for connecting the official “Xbox Wireless Controller” and Microsoft’s “Xbox Adaptive Controller” as well as Sony’s DualShock 4 via Bluetooth or USB.

Connect your Xbox Wireless Controller using Bluetooth or a compatible USB cable.

To use Bluetooth, activate pairing mode by pressing and holding the Pair button for 3 seconds.

Connect your Xbox Adaptive Controller using Bluetooth or a compatible USB-C cable.

To use Bluetooth, activate pairing mode by pressing and holding the Pair button for 3 seconds.

Connect your DualShock 4 controller using Bluetooth or a compatible micro-USB cable.

To use Bluetooth, activate pairing mode by pressing and holding the PS and Share buttons at the same time. The light bar on the back of the controller will start flashing when the pairing mode is activated.

On your device, go to Bluetooth settings and turn on Bluetooth. Scan for new devices and then choose your controller.

Other controllers or gamepads can also work with Stadia by connecting via Bluetooth or USB. Consult your device manufacturer for gamepad compatibility.


For a few months now, we’ve been watching as Google has been working steadily on adding messaging features to the Stadia app, including a referral process for recommending players to send messages. With Stadia 2.42, we see more text pointing to Google getting closer and closer to launching this feature.

Messages are available

We’ve added messaging to Stadia

Now you can quickly chat with friends and other players about your next session and keep the fun on all your screens.

Anyone can message you, but you can choose who has the message shown to you.

Stadia Pro has no payment method

As of today, to sign up for the free trial of Stadia Pro, you need to provide Google with a credit card or other form of payment that will be charged after your trial ends if you don’t choose to cancel. To make it possible for potential players to try out Stadia Pro without making a commitment – this can be especially important, as many may be unsure if their connection is good enough to stream the game. or not – it looks like Google Stadia is preparing a way to try Stadia Professional without a credit card.

Throughout the app’s code, we see references to the “fopless” trial, which we assume stands for the “lesser form of payment (FOP)” free trial. In a piece of text below, it seems that these “surprise” trials will let you enjoy Stadia Pro for a shorter period of time before asking you to “Add a later payment method” to open it. Lock up for the rest of the regular 30-day trial. Unfortunately, we don’t know how long these tests will last, as the text below is filled in for the time period.

Try Stadia Pro for the sequel

Add the payment method later to keep trying.

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