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SNL host Dave Chappelle gives whites a valuable Trump lesson

Pretty a great day, ”said Dave Chappelle at the beginning Live Saturday night monologue this week.

The comedian begins by talking about his great-grandfather, who was born a slave in South Carolina. He told the thrilling story of how he learned to read after becoming free and becoming a leader at AME church, but then things changed.

“I’ve been thinking about him all day because I wish I could see him now. And I wish he could see me. Because I wonder what he would say. This week, I flew to New York on a private jet. Netflix started streaming a show named after him, Chappelle̵

7;s Show. HBO Max is streaming it. And I have not been paid for any of it.

Then comes the conclusion: “Yes, if he could see me now he would probably say, ‘This is more bought and sold than I have.'”

Misdirected and subversive orientation has determined Chappelle’s comedy is present during his longer-than-usual monologue. In response to a friend in London who texted him that “the world feels like a safer place when America has a new president”, he replied, “That’s great, but America does not. “

“Do you remember what life was like before COVID?” he asked the audience. “A mass shooting every week. Does anyone remember that? Thank God for COVID. Someone had to lock up these white murderers, keep them in the house. And to the “poor white people” who don’t like to wear masks, he added, “What’s the problem? You masked off to the Klan rally, put it on Walmart too!”

“You don’t even want to wear your mask because it’s so oppressive? Try wearing the mask that I’ve worn over the years! ”Chappelle said. “I can’t even say something is true unless it has a hole behind it. You are not ready yet. You are not ready for this. You don’t know how to survive on your own. In fact, we are the only ones who know how to survive this. White people come, hurry up, hurry, come take your n * gga lesson. “

Four years ago, Dave Chappelle, the host SNL For the first time ever, share this message with the world about Donald Trump’s shocking election victory: “I wish Donald Trump good luck. And I’ll give him a chance. And we, who are deprived of historic rights, ask him to also provide us. “

The show seemed to be a tempting fate to invite the comedian back to host its first episode after the 2020 election. The fact that the race wasn’t officially called for Joe Biden until Saturday morning made timing. This becomes more and more important.

“Now Trump is gone,” Chappelle said this week. “Now I know a lot of people who don’t like him, but I think he’s at least an optimist. I’m not as optimistic as he is. I look at it, there are bad people on both sides. When that line got nothing from the crowd, he shook his head and added, “Okay, I’m just trying it.”

“He called coronavirus the kung flu!” he continued. “I said, racist, funny son of a bitch! I must say it, not you! You said it was wrong. ” Chappelle continued to mock Trump’s attempt to “guess” a cure for COVID-19. “Oh boy, the Secret Service will have to protect the White House now, he will try to drink bleach! ‘He. Chairman, don’t touch that stove, it’s very hot. “

Then, when he joked about women earning less than men, the crowd whined in response. “Did I activate you?” he asks. “I’m sorry, Lorne, I think we’re having a comedy show. It is like a meeting here. “

“And you know what Trump did after all of that? Went out and received coronavirus. Isn’t that something? Chappelle asked. AIDS. Nobody like, well, how did he get it? “

After showing how the president got the best treatment for his coronavirus while letting an ally like Herman Cain die after attending one of his protests. “Think about it! For four years, that’s your leader,” he said. “What kind of man does it? What kind of man makes sure he’s fine while his friends fight for their life and death? A white man. And I don’t mean to put this on a white man, but I have been black for a long time and I have seen a pattern. “

Trump has a coronavirus infection like when Freddie Mercury got AIDS. Nobody’s like, well, how did he get it?

When his famous 2016 line of giving Trump a chance – accidentally repeated in Biden’s winning speech on the previous Saturday night – was revealed, Chappelle’s politics was never simple to describe. His public criticism of Hillary Clinton in those final days of that election was bad enough that he must later make it clear that he was “not a Trump supporter”. His willingness to give Trump a “chance” followed him for months, at least until he told Stephen Colbert in 2017, “It’s not like I want to give him a chance that night.” .

More recently, in an episode of David Letterman’s Netflix show My next guest doesn’t need an introductionChappelle responded to a question about Trump’s Islamic ban by outlining what would be considered both sides to the two presidential candidates.

Chappelle, who converted to Islam in the early 90s, told Letterman: “You don’t have to expect empathy, compassion or cultural expertise from such a man. “The sad thing is that the chair doesn’t have more humanity in it. But was that chair ever so humane? When Biden called Trump the first racist president, it was clearly not true. So how does it feel to hear a white person say stupid things? “

When Letterman laughed, Chappelle answered her own question with a funny shrug.

“I will beg all who are celebrating remember, it would be nice to be a humble winner,” Chappelle said Saturday. “Remember when I was here four years ago? Remember how bad it was. Remember, half of the country still feels the same right now. Please remember that. “

He continued: “Remember that for the first time in American history, whites’ lifespans have decreased because of heroin, of suicide. “All the white people out there feel that misery, that pain, that man, they think nobody cares. Maybe they don’t. ”

“Let me tell you something: I know what that feels like,” he added. “I promise you, I know how it feels. If you are a police officer and every time you put on your uniform you feel like the target is behind you, you are horrified by the cleverness of people when you risk your life to save them I know what that feels like. “

“But this is the difference between me and you,” said Chappelle. “You two hate each other for that. And I don’t hate anyone. I just hate that feeling. That’s what I have to fight. That’s what I suggest you fight to overcome. You have to find a way to live your life. You have to find a way to forgive each other. You must find a way to find joy in your existence in spite of that feeling. And if you can’t do that… learn these n * gga lessons. “

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