The Aunt Jemima brand plans to remove the logo and change its name after new calls for racial equality.


Host Dave Chappelle could not help but laugh at his own joke.

In his “Saturday Night Live” sketch, the comedian played the role of Allstate Insurance’s pitcher Dennis Haysbert in a conference room as Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben were respectively fired from representing the pancake and rice brand. .

“That’s ridiculous. If we can’t work, how can Allstate work?” Kennan Thompson’s Uncle Ben said, as Maya Rudolph’s Aunt Jemima added: “Who doesn’t love my pancakes?”

Quaker Oats announced in June that they would be removing Aunt Jemima from their syrup and pancake package after being criticized as a racial stereotype. Mars Inc. followed and removed Uncle Ben’s race image.

“Aunt Jemima, it’s hard for us, too. We love you,” said Alec Baldwin, who played the meeting room executive behind the dismissal. “It’s not personal … we have to clean the house.”

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Chappelle laughed. After regaining his composure, he said: “Now Uncle Ben picks cotton. I know he’ll sell me off.”

“Nothing personal, son. If we get fired you’ll be fired, too,” said Thompson’s Uncle Ben. Rudolph’s Aunt Jemima added: “Yeah, fire the Allstate guy.”

Mimicking Haysbert’s iconic voice, Chappelle replied: “I sell security. My deep black accent makes whites feel safe. It’s like they’re in good hands … If What’s up, why don’t you fire Count Chocula, why is he still working? “

Enter Pete Davidson’s cereal mascot, Count Chocula: “But I’m not even Black, I’m just made from chocolate.”

“Look at the big, chocolate-colored lips behind the fangs,” Chappelle said, before appearing in the script: “Really America look at Pete Davidson’s lips.”

Davidson laughed so much that he spat out his vampire fang. “Okay, maybe I have some Italian somewhere,” he said.

Final result? “Enough. All of you have been fired except for the Allstate guy,” Baldwin said.


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